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Added: 15/04/2013 - 01:16PM
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Last updated at 12:50, 15 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 13:16, 15 Apr 2013

This mod adds a Nord based Kratos race with a unique body texture by volvaga0 (male only, volvaga0 gave me permission to use his body texture for making this race) including a male preset looking like Kratos. Replaced the Nord War Cry power with the Orc Berserker Rage power to match the "Rage of the ..." power of Kratos. Adds the extra parts from the vanilla beards as standalone beards (the goatee in the screenshot is an example of one of these standalone extra part beards).

Recommended that you use to apply changes to the male preset.

Use the console command "mfg expression 8 75" to make him look angry.

Note to Skyrim Nexus moderators : this mod contains no ported content, this mod only adds a race, the weapons and armor mods needs to be downloaded separately and are all available at Skyrim Nexus.

I haven't had the time to test the werewolf transformation and the vampire transformation in-game, but since I had duplicated the Nord race and NordVampire race and made sure the WerewolfTransformation power was included in the Kratos race, it should work.

Tested the extra part standalone beards with a beard texture replacer (like ) and it works.

Tested this race with and it works (the Blade of Chaos and Athena mesh pack was created by me and is currently being tested by volvaga0).

Recommended SKSE.ini (located in the DataSKSE folder, if you don't have a SKSE folder in the Data folder of Skyrim, make sure you have installed SKSE ( and create a folder with the name SKSE) tweak :

Required mods

A bald hair mod like : OR

Recommended mods


volvaga0 for letting me use his .

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