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Sleek Elven Armor Replacers for UNP, UNPB & CBBE- WIPv4 - A Form-Fitting Elven Armor Replacer

UPDATE: The original release, WIPv1, had the same meshes for both the Light and Heavy versions of the armor. IF you downloaded WIPv1, all you need is the "Hot-Fix" to get the correct "CuirassLight" meshes. WIPv2 already has the correct meshes, so the "Hot-Fix" is not needed. Sorry for the error...
Guess I must be a wee bit tired... ;-)

UPDATE 2: I just noticed ANOTHER error! I had the wrong body slot setting for the "Left Arm Guard" on the larger of the two armor meshes. Since I seldom use the "Top-End" of the slider myself, I only noticed the problem when I was testing out the UNPB version of the armor. Sorry for any annoyance this might have caused...A very "rookie" mistake on my part... ;-)

UPDATE 3: Yet another one of those, "How did I miss THAT ONE," errors on my part. I had the wrong path set for the "Elven Panties" meshes on BOTH versions of the armor AND neglected to include the textures for said panties as well. I do hope I've finally made these replacers "Glitch-Free" at last. Sorry AGAIN for mix-up!

UPDATE 4: A VERY late fix for the texture path set for the "1st Person" meshes on the UNP and UNPB versions of the armor. Simply drop the "Data" folder into your "Skyrim" directory and replace the meshes when prompted. Sorry it took so long to fix THIS one ;-)

This armor mash-up will replace the original Elven armors with more "contour-hugging" versions, using a chainmail bodysuit as a base. The armor still LOOKS skimpy, but everything remains covered.

Main File:
Sleek Elven Armor Replacer for UNP - WIPv4
Sleek Elven Armor Replacer for UNPB - WIPv4
Sleek Elven Armor Replacer for CBBE - WIPv4

HotFix3 - UNP & UNPB Sleek Elven Replacer - Corrects missing path for the "elven panties" mesh and adds the missing textures for that mesh. This fix is only needed for the UNP & UNPB WIPv3 versions.
WIPv4 has all the fixes to date.

"Dimonized UNP Female Body" by Dimon99
"UNP Blessed Body UNPB" by calyps
"Caliente Female Body Mod BBE v3" by Caliente

To Install these Replacers:
Drop the "Data" folder into your "Skyrim" directory

To Uninstall these Replacers:
Delete the following directories-

I've been working on this armor, sporadically, for quite awhile, but I think it's finally in good enough shape to release. I still may change things up a bit, so it's still, technically, a "Work-In-Progress."

The meshes will overwrite ALL the files in the "Armor\Elven\F" folder, because I've "tweaked" many of the "lighting shader property" settings. So, if you plan on going back to your original Elven armors, please make sure to back them up and stash them someplace safe.

Although the bulk of the armor parts use whatever Elven Armor textures you already have installed, the collar and Bodysuit are geared toward "Gold-Toned" armors. I will make other colors available in the near future, to better match some of the more popular texture replacers that are available on the Nexus.

Screenshot Credits:
Face & Body Textures: "Mature Skin Texture and Body for UNP CBBE ADEC" by Maevan2
Armor Textures: "aMidianBorn Elven Armor" AMB Gold Version by CaBal120
Boot Meshes: "Armor Restyled" by Nevermind ( CBBE, but they work on UNP & UNPB bodies.)
Sword: "Elven Weaponry" by cageu

Credits and Acknowledgements for the Resources Used:
Thanks to Mak07 for "Remodeled Armors for CBBE v3M"
Thanks to asianboy345 for "Remodeled Armors - UNP Version"
Thanks to Nightasy for "Hmm...What to Wear"
Thanks to Theminblack for "Theminblack's UNPB Armor Shop"
Thanks to NPR/Kurese for "R18Pn 06-Diano Armor for UNP and CBBEv3"
Thanks to Dimon99 for the "UNP Female Body" body replacer
Thanks to calyps for the "UNP Blessed Body UNPB" body replacer
Thanks to Caliente for the "Caliente Female Body Mod BBE v3" body replacer
Also, the makers of:
Photoshop CS5

Many thanks to the Nexus for holding my room
Thanks to Bethesda for all the neat toys
And, many thanks to all the members of the modding community for the support and patience!