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Learn the effects of all the ingredients

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It is a good alternative to learn the effects of all the ingredients from the very beginning of the game, instead of adding perks to the alchemy skill tree and eating every ingredient of the game.

If you want an immersive version of this mod you can download it HERE. You must give it a try if you are new to Skyrim.


I recommend installing this mod with Nexus Mod Manager, but if you are installing it manually, just extract it into your skyrim/data folder.

How to Use

After a successful installation, just load your saved game, wait 10 seconds for initialization to kick in, and you are done!


Right now this mod only has the base 94 ingredients of Skyrim, no DLC ingredients included. I will include them as soon I get my hands on the DLCs.

Recommended Mods

Learn Alchemy From Recipes
An immersive version of this mod, instead of cheating your way out, you can learn the effects of ingredients by reading recipes, the way it should be.

Swift Potion Reborn
If you want to take full advantage of the potions you create, this mod is really useful and easy to use.

Better Alchemy Drops
Changes the vanilla drop rate of ingredients, the majority of the changes helps not only to get more ingredients, it actually makes more sense, why can you only loot a single eye when the beast you just slayed have two?

Weightless Ingredients
I know this mod robes you a little bit of an immersive gameplay, but let’s face it, Skyrim is a little broken, and the menus don’t help much. This mod helps you to focus on crafting potions and getting on with your game quests, instead of passing items from your inventory to a chest and vice versa.


Author: NeoRunek
Special Thanks to: Zeitz (Logo designer)