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MOD IS IN BETA. sorta.

I always thought that Skyrim should have an option for people with hunter characters who didn\\\'t want to have to constantly make trips into town to buy materials, or scavenge in dungeons. Hunter-gatherer characters should be able to collect all the materials they need to survive out on the road.

So here I\'ve added a lot of crafting recipes (and plan to add many more) to make collecting wild plants and materials worthwhile not only to hunter characters, but also to the average wandering Dovakiin.

********************* UPDATE 0.3 **********************

Known bugs:
- Wooden arrows are invisible (help) when aiming but they work at other times. They're also weaker than iron so hopefully you won't have to use them much.
- Sometimes hare/goat items won't always drop.
- When placing the craftable hunter crafting table, it will often place unrealiably and in completely another direction, sometimes floating. Because of this, there is a hunter table in Whiterun next to the forge, and all recipes can be made at leather tanning racks and cooking pots. I recommend finding a mod that allows you to place leather/cooking stations, as I can't get it to work.

- All recipes craftable at either leather/cooking stations. Can craft hunter stations but the placement is buggy (see above).
- Seeds are nerfed, but they can be used to make oil.
- Fat added on many animals
- Oil and fat can be crafted from each other at a cooking pot
- Oil/fat can be used to create tallow candles
- Fat and charcoal dust can be used to make soap, which cures disease
- Slaughterfish, foxes, skeevers, mudcrabs, mammoths, goats, hares all drop meat now which can be cooked
- Mammoths drop skulls which can be crafted to form 2 tusks, or sold as one skull for more sweet, sweet cashmoney. They are very heavy.
- Hares drop fur and lucky feet (rarely)
- Lucky feet up your speech skill/sneek for 20 seconds
- Elk and deer drop tendons, used for bows
- Roots can be collected from some trees (namely, aspen) and used to make salt piles
- Dragons drop a hide which can be made into a dragon leather bandage, which heals fully
- Clam soup can be made from clam meat
- Lavender tea can be made
- Kelp soup can be made, allowing you to breath underwater for short periods of time
- Jazbay wine now translucent
- Bones can be used to make marrow and cooked marrow
- Wood, bones, flint, and obsidian can be used to make arrows. It's hard to hand-place deposits for flint and obsidian all over the world (help) so these can mainly be found on other hunter's sales list.
- Prices on all meats/furs/etc adjusted to be more fair (I hope). HP from these items also increased and adjusted.

********************* UPDATE 0.2 **********************

Added recipes for Bone Arrows, Jazbay Wine, Wood/Firewood, Oil, Hunting, Long, and Imperial Bows, Nightshade Mixture, Cloth Bandages (using linen), Bone Meal (using bone).

Added collectable wood from several trees throughout skyrim, and harvestable pine nuts on a small amount of pine trees throughout skyrim. Wood can be used on bone arrows and combined to create firewood.


** CHARCOAL (tanning rack)
1 Firewood --------> 2 Charcoal Lumps
4 Charcoal Lumps -------> Charcoal Dust

Charcoal dust is used to cover the scent of the hunter, and as such fortifies sneak 15% for five minutes. It also heals poison, like activated charcoal dust IRL can.

** SCENT MASK (cooking pot)
1 Blue Mountain Flower
1 Red Mountain Flower
1 Purple Mountain Flower
2 Juniper Berries
2 Lavender
2 Charcoal Lumps

That\\\'s a lot, right? The purpose of the scent mask is to make the wearer smell like his or her environment, fooling whatever game in the area into thinking it\\\'s safe. It also provides a pretty high sneak boost - 30% for five minutes, though unlike the charcoal dust is doesn\\\'t heal poison.

** HONEY (cooking pot)
1 Honeycomb ---------> Honey Bowl
3 Honey Bowls --------> Honey Jar

I always thought that finding a honeycomb was a little anticlimatic, seeing as it\\\'s so rare. Now you can refine the honey you find and make collecting it worthwhile. A honey bowl will cure your hunter of disease, which is pretty easy to pick up on the road. It also heals 25 points of health.
The honey jar will now also cure disease, heal 100 points of health, and also cure poison.

2 Leather Strips --------> 1 Leather Bandage
3 Thistle ------------------> 1 Cloth Bandage
4 Tundra Cotton ----------> 1 Cotton Bandage

Now you won\\\'t have to go track down an Apothecary every time you need a healing potion. The leather bandage will restore 25 health. The cloth bandage will restore 50 health, and the cotton bandage will restore 100 health. Each will also increase your stamina regen rate a little.


~Wooden weapons - crafted from harvestable firewood. They will be able to be crafted into bone arrows/knives.

~~Bone weapons. The wildlife you kill will currently drop bones, but they aren\\\'t useful (yet). Steel smithing required.

~~Stone weapons. These can be collected from rock deposits. Dwarven smithing required.

~~Flint weapons. These will be collected from a new harvestable, the gravel deposit. You won\\\'t need a pickaxe to collect either the stone or flint. Elven smithing required.

~~Obsidian weapons. Obsidian will be collected from deposits found in caves.

Stamina restoration drinks

Wines/Brews made from combinations of jazbay grapes, wheat, and honey.

Various levels of bow crafting, with different types of harvestable wood to craft from providing various levels of strength.

As I\\\'m still a newbie at modding, there are a lot of things I don\\\'t know and am learning how to do. There are also things I\\\'m just plain not good at.
If anyone would like to offer any ideas, screenshots, or help (especially will texturing the arrows, urrg) I\'d really appreciate the help and I definitely don\'t mind sharing this project!

This file will be deleted upon reaching the V.1 stage and replaced with the V.1 mod file. For now, it is in BETA.