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A male Redguard companion with the Beast within.

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He is now standalone! You can find him here:
Galen Reloaded

It was a long trip for all the way up to Solitude, took more time than anyone said it would.

All you want is a hot meal, a good ale and a soft bed to fall into.

But after you got past the guards and step inside the Winking Skeever, not even the innkeeper welcomes you.

Everyone gathers around an old man telling his tale.

You lean closer, but lose your interest soon.

Monsters do not interest you. Fairytales are for children.

You sit down on the other side of the room hoping the man finishes soon.

As everyone listens to him in awe, you cannot help but hear the rest of the story.

What catches your interest is the name of the inn this whole tale is about. The Fourshields Tavern.

Would it worth your time to check the place out?

Galen is a Redguard and a werewolf. He got infected young and could not dominate the beast within for so long.

He killed whoever got in his way, couldnt differentiate friend from foe.

People noticed and rallied to hunt him down - they even found him and wounded him badly. He could escape, but barely.

A man followed the mob then the signs of the bleeding Galen. By the time he found him, he was already human again and on the verge of death.

The man nursed him back to life and invited him to his family.

It took Galen a long time but finally he showed up in Whiterun. That was the time he realised the man was Kodlak Whitemane.

He stayed, but never mingled with the town's people. He was but a whisper in the wind.

The Companions taught him how to control the Beast more or less, he even found love - a young girl who just joined the legendary group.

All was well until at a full moon Galen couldnt escape in time and the girl was following him. She stood there frozen while he turned and in her shock, she couldnt even escape.

He told only to Kodlak what happened - he was sympathetic but also grieved for the girl.

That was the last time anyone of the Companions saw Galen.

Please, if you decide to go and look for Galen, take good care of him.

-= Good to know =-

He starts with Banded Iron Armor and a Skyforge Steel Greatsword.
He is essential and you can marry him.
He can transform to werewolf by command.
Be aware that letting him turn in public, will get you a 1000 gold bounty and people will also attack you.
When he changes back to human form, he will be undressed (this means he will wear only his undies or nothing depending on the body meshes you are using).
Also, if his "wolfish" dialogue lines do not show up right away, make a quicksave-quickload and they'll be there.

Galen is translated to Russian thanks to AlexDranzy, you can find it here:
Russian translation by AlexDranzy

-= Recommended =-

Subtle Male Skeleton by Earrindo
83Willows WHITER TEETH 4all
Heart of the Beast - Werewolf Sound and Texture Overhaul by NsJones
Tales of Lycanthropy - Werewolf Overhaul by Brevi
Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi
Alvhilde - Nord Werewolf Huntress - Follower Mod by Alex Silvestre

-= Thank you =-

Thank you, my dear friends for the help, time and advices and the amazing shots you created! :)

-= Installation =-

After the extraction of the file just copy the files into Data folder. Then activate the esp in the launcher.
I also tried to make him NMM compatible, if there is a problem, please tell me.

-= Compatibility =-

This mod should not conflict with anything.
Galen uses his own scripts but no unique textures and meshes (apart from his hair) so his appearance will change according to the male bodies you use.
He works fine with UFO and Amazing Follower Tweaks too.

-= Credits =-
zzjay & urshi for the hair
Alex Silvestre for the scripts and the help - I couldnt do it without your help! :)
spwned for the scripts