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Added: 14/04/2013 - 09:28PM
Updated: 30/05/2014 - 03:19AM

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Last updated at 3:19, 30 May 2014 Uploaded at 21:28, 14 Apr 2013

Pre alpha uploaded, try it and report any bugs, beware it's' a pre alpha so don't be rude, thanks :)


This just replace the vanilla horse models with a custom mesh and skeleton, the models are less fat, taller and more, they aren't ponies anymore;
Future plans? Don't know right now, maybe some feature for horse armors and saddles.


Just run the NMM download/installation and active, should be fine.


Same as before, use the NMM.


Before some ask for it, read only this, it's a model replace, so every mod that affect on the model by a replace will conflict, other mod just like convenient horses, Blaze Of Eventide or some texture replace and such should work fine.


-Where's the horse saddle?
-Just make a fast travel and will be back.

-This mod work fine with Convenient horses or More Saddles?
-Fully compatibility, for Convenient Horses just download the optional file for the armor clipping if you dont like the view of the horse mane of Convenient horses armors.

-What texture mod do you use?
-Read below.


A PC with Skyrim and, what else o.O

Suggested mods:

-Convenient Horses by mitchalek, for the mane clipping just download the Convenient Horses optional patch file.

-More Saddles by Laup26 (very good alternative to horse armors)

-Enhanced Horse Skins by Shogun3d (mod used for the screenshots)

-Horsemen - Mounted Combat Enhancement by rongphale, lets me say, one of the most underrated mod on the nexus, his work with the first module it's amazing, try it.


Bethesda for the game.

Niftools community with their NifSkope.

And a big thanks to Snake_71, Svammelie and Halendia for the support and the suggestions!