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-==0. CONTENTS==-

1. Current Version
2. Description
3. Upgrading
4. Installation
5. Known Issues
6. Compatibility
7. To-Do List


The current version is v1.17c.

This mod requires Dawnguard and the Skyrim Script Extender 1.6.13 or newer (download at

Compatibility edition for Werewolf Mastery by RolandSir ( is available as an alternate download.

Compatibility edition for Yet Another Werewolf Improvement by SushiSquid ( is available as an alternate download.

Compatibility edition for Moonlight Tales by spwned et al. ( is available as an alternate download.


This mod adds 18 new perks to the Werewolf tree (for a total of 27) with the aim of improving werewolf gameplay at high levels and adding some optional convenience features. I based this mod on the excellent Werewolf Perks Expanded mod by MichaelDusk (, so you'll see quite a few similar perks here. Also included is an MCM menu with features such as hotkey-based howl selection, howl recovery control, control of the attack/defense of the summons added by this mod, and adding/resetting werewolf perk points.

The perks are as follows:

Infuse Claws:
-Your claws gain the enchantment of one melee weapon equipped at the moment of transformation. A right-hand weapon is prioritized over a left-hand weapon. Also, your weapons remain equipped when you revert form.
-NOTE: Does not work with player-made enchantments.

Infuse Hide:
-Your hide takes on some of the properties of any apparel worn at the moment of transformation, and your apparel remains equipped when you revert form. You retain the effects of enchantments and apparel related perks, but not armor rating.

Beast Blood:
-You regenerate 3% of your maximum health per second and gain 10% movement speed while in beast form. You also gain 10% movement speed and 25% health regeneration while in your normal form.

Hircine's Favor (2 levels):
-Most predators will be peaceful towards you, and wolves will come to your aid if they see you in combat. At level 1, A pair of spirit wolves will aid you while you are below 50% health. At level 2, spirit wolves appear at 75% health and a spirit bear appears at 50% health. If any of these creatures are killed, they will not reappear until you are fully healed.

Wild Hunt (2 levels):
-Allied animals within a 50 foot radius gain 20/40% increased unarmed damage.

Full Moon Rising:
-You gain bonus health and stamina between 8pm and 4am. If your are in beast form you gain 150 health and stamina, otherwise you gain 75 health and stamina.

One With The Beast:
-Pressing the Toggle View key (default 'F') when your claws are lowered (sheathed) allows you to revert form on command. You may also remain in beast form indefinitely, without needing to feed.

-You may open unlocked containers and loot corpses that have been fed on or cannot be fed on.
-NOTE: Not available in Werewolf Mastery and MT - WM compatibility editions; made redundant by Werewolf Mastery's looting options.

Enhanced Hide (2 levels):
-You gain 50/100 armor and 25/50% magic resistance while in beast form.

Rending Claws (2 levels):
-Your claws ignore 25/50% of your target's armor.

Savage Swipes (2 levels):
-Your power attacks in beast form are 10% stronger and hit all targets in front of you. At level 2, regular attacks in beast form also hit all enemies in front of you.

Greater Werebeast:
-You are 15% larger in your beast form, gaining 15% increased attack damage, attack range, movement speed and damage resistance.

Enhanced Transformation:
-You are invulnerable and become fully healed when changing into or out of beast form using your daily transformation power.

Mystic Transformation:
-Transforming into your beast form increases your maximum health by half your maximum magicka.

Feral Instincts:
-Hold down the Shout key (default 'Z') when using the Totem of the Hunt to slow time for 15 seconds. You must wait 30 seconds before howling again.

Feral Rage:
-Hold down the Shout key (default 'Z') when using the Totem of Fear to go into a berserk fury for 30 seconds, dealing double physical damage while taking half physical damage. You must wait 45 seconds before howling again.

Night Stalker:
-Your footsteps in beast form are silent and pressing the Sneak key (default 'Ctrl') toggles a passive night-eye effect. In normal form you gain the 'Toggle Night Eye' lesser power.

Cliff Jumper:
-You take half damage from falling, regenerate stamina 25% faster and jump twice as high in beast form. You can also jump higher in your normal form while your weapons/spells are sheathed (default key 'R'). In both forms you can also fall further without taking damage at all.

-==3. UPGRADING==-

If updating from 1.16 to 1.16b, just overwrite the files and you're ready.

Otherwise, follow the following steps:

1. Ensure you are not in werewolf form.

2. Unzip the new .bsa and .esp files and overwrite the old ones.

3. Resume play. You may need to transform once for some changes to take effect.


1. Unzip the .esp and .bsa to your Data folder.

2. Check if the following file exists:

3. If the above file does exist, back it up somewhere and then delete it.


Infuse Claws does not transfer player-made enchantments. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to fix this at the moment, but I'll keep an eye out.

Using the second word of the Howl of Terror and Scent of Blood powers without having the perks to activate them causes your shout cooldown bar to flicker briefly, but otherwise they work just like the first (vanilla) words.

Occasionally when transforming the sound and visual effects repeat themselves once. This seems to be a purely cosmetic issue, but needless to say it can be distracting.

If using the Werewolf Mastery compatibility edition, Lucidity does nothing (Werewolf Mastery gives control over looting anyway, so Lucidity isn't needed).

If you have the Cliff Jumper perk, loading a save where you do not have it may cause the heightened jump/fall distance to persist after loading. To solve this, restart Skyrim before loading the save.


Not compatible with mods that change the werewolf perk tree.

Not compatible with mods that change the PlayerWerewolfChange quest or its attached scripts.

Compatible with mods that change the leveled damage, health and stamina bonuses in werewolf form.

-==7. TO-DO LIST==-

Balance tweaks and any required bugfixes.