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Explore a small new dungeon, then loot or craft your own Royal Nordic Armor. Or just use it as a texture replacer.

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Main file: Just extract the AK- Royal Nordic.bsa and AK- Royal Nordic.esp files into your data folder and flip on the esp!

Before you can craft this armor you need to learn how it's made by visiting the Hidden Barrow at Snowclad Ruins!

Texture only: Choose which Variant you want, white or blue. Copy the files from the white or blue folder to datatexturesdlc02armornordiccarved and replace the existing files if there are any

My sword came down on the reaver lord, hard. Dragon bone cut through his flesh, dropping him to the stone tile ground next to the floor trap he had once used to send his cronies hurtling to the pool three stories below. Justice had been served.

As I checked his pockets for gold and gems, I couldn't help but think that his Nordic Carved armor would look much more royal should it be crafted of ebony and trimmed with gold. It reminded me of the days in Runescape where I worked to afford gold trimmed black armor.

By the time my buddy came over to hang out that night, I had gotten my ebony, gold trimmed armor looking quite nicely. He and I tweaked it a bit, but he wasn't satisfied with the blue thatch work and sapphires. He wanted a white variant, and so I followed some of his suggestions to create the second variant . (Read the RS cooking gloves and legends cape).

With two variants and a name like "Royal," it hardly seemed fitting to just make a texture replacer. I decided to make a long dead, once great, king and his queen to wear the armor. Telling my brother about my idea, he came up with the notion of having a "choice". (But to see what that choice is, you'll just have to play the mod.)

Having a king and queen meant I needed a place for them. As I looked through dragonborn locations, I couldn't find a dungeon or cave that could logically have a secret room where a king and queen were buried, so I finally made my own dungeon among the Snowclad ruins. While I've edited and tweaked play spaces, I've never started from blank before, so it was exciting to really push into the Creation Kit's static kits, and to learn how to navmesh.

The second challenge was the long dead royalty themselves. Using Nord races didn't make sense, as the royalty didn't look dead (or even old) and they didn't sleep with the proper animation in the crypt. I ended up spending a good deal of my time creating this mod rigging the new armor to the draugr skeleton, and better understanding patrol points and furniture markers. However, I feel like the result was very worth the effort.

While this mod is not the largest mod I've created in terms of content, I feel like it's possibly the most quality mod I've made to date. I've spent less time figuring out concepts and consequently been able to invest more time in quality control, testing, and improving on design. I hope that you like the royal look as much as I do and that you enjoy exploring the armor and the dungeon as much as I enjoyed crafting them.

Also, check out RampagingGamer's Follower mod that uses this armor by clicking the picture above!

I am currently not posting any mods on Steam Workshop. If you see one of my mods on Steam Workshop, please report the file to me. Thanks! :D

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