Hawks Enb -CoT- For Mid-Range PC by Ravenarc
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Added: 13/04/2013 - 07:21AM
Updated: 21/04/2013 - 10:27PM

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Last updated at 22:27, 21 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 7:21, 13 Apr 2013

- This Enb was optimized for CoT but you can also use it without that mod and this Enb provides a more native feel for the game thus adapting the colors of spring and autumn which is more vibrant and natural.Comes with both Quality & Performance version and SweetFX Presets.

- Enb d3d9.dll v0.132
Download d3d9.dll file here
- d3d9.dll v0.132 Bugs:
Ambient Conclusion in Thick Fogs
Sky Lightning[I've already fixed it so don't change the sky lightning value from enbseries.ini]

- Climates Of Tamriel
- Skyrim Bigger Trees
- Enchanced LIghts and FX
- Flora Overhaul
- Realistic Lightning Overhaul
- Sparkle Lush Environment Pack
- Sparkle Lush Cities Pack
- Ultra Realistic World Lightning

- Copy all files from "Hawks Embrace Enb - CoT v0.2b Core" to your skyrim folder.
- Choose between Performance Or Quality inside the "Enb Settings" folder.
- Choose your SweetFX preset from "Sweet Fx Presets" folder and replace the one in "Hawks Embrace Enb - CoT v0.2b Core\SweetFX\Presets"

Credits to Boris Vorontsov