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About this mod

Adds 5 new light breed horses to the Loreius farm.

Permissions and credits
You'll find the horses at the Loreius Farm, just down the road from the Battle-Born farm in Whiterun.

The horse is a re-sculpture of the vanilla horse mesh and uses a modified saddle and skeleton.nif file. The horses are marked essential. If you want them faster than vanilla horses, use the Swift Steeds move it file -- it makes them 1.5 times faster.

Not compatible with horse armors or other saddle meshes.
If you want to switch to the Imperial saddle, you can do so manually by replacing the mustangsaddle.nif (found under MeshesSwift Steeds) with the mustangsaddle.nif found under (MeshesSwift SteedsMustang Imperial style saddle)
Both saddles use vanilla textures, so any retexture will work.

This does not change the vanilla horse in any way.

New photo-realistic texture by Valachhim -- Beautiful Fleabitten Grey:

After some research, I finally figured out how to add the user images. Thanks to everyone who sent them.Also, any vanilla horse texture will work with these horses -- Slof has quite a few here:

Added two alternate file to make the horses 1.5 times faster than vanilla. Turns out the original ones were the same speed as vanilla. I was sure I made them twice as fast -- anyway, if you want them to actually be faster, you'll need the new version.Sorry for the inconvenience.

Skyrim or higher

Manual installation

1) Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder
2) Make sure the Swift Steeds.esp is checked in the Launcher

Known Issues
Riding can look odd when viewed from the side. The skeleton doesn't fit the mesh as well as it could, so I'm hoping moving the bones will help.
But until a new nifscript is released for Blender, there's no way to do this. (That I know of anyway.)

I've also had issues with the horses dying even though they're marked essential if the esp is placed before Convenient Horses and Convenient horse herding.
Just make sure it loads after those two mods or similar mods if you don't want them to die.

Please note:
In light of the recent Steam pay walls, my permissions have changed.

--You may not use any of my meshes in a mod you're charging for -- No exceptions

--You may not alter my meshes without my permission

---You don't need my permission to use them, just credit me for my work.

Please do not upload the esp file to other sites.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for the ReadMe Generator the ReadMe is based on.
Thanks to the Blender,, Nifscope and GIMP developers for providing free software.
Thanks to Hanaisse (Tes Alliance) for the 'Creating Armor in Skyrim' tutorial.

In loving memory of my horse Flicka.

Thanks to Brodual for the video!

You tube link: