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I have tried to simulate a realistic (or at least movie real) looks to the eyes in Skyrim.

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Update Four: a new alternate vampire eye version is now available in the files tab,
see the screenshot above.

Update three: Make your own eyes! I have added the source file for all of the human type characters (Elf, Orc, Vamp).
You will need some ability with a graphics program such as photo shop and the Nvidia plug-ins to use them.

Second update: A new version with whiter human eyes is now available in the files tab!

Update: A new version with brighter human eyes is now available in the files tab!

The mod.
Unlike alot of mods I didn't stop with the human females ;) and have remade the eyes for
all the races males and females alike.
All of the Argonian and Khajiit eyes are made from HD photos of real lizard and cat eyes,
featuring crocodiles, monitor lizards, geckos, lions, panthers and leopards.
These eyes simulate the look of the original Bethesda eyes and wont drastically change the look of npcs or player.

The Facts.
This mod WILL REPLACE all the eyes of npcs along with the player.
Only playable (or npc) race eyes are replaced, with the vampires and werewolves.
No creatures, undead, bird, dragons or rabbits eyes are replaced, that’s another mod!

Works better with Dawngaurd.

Sreenshots taken in a super bright room.

Also available on Steam Workshop!

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"Drath Samid Hand Painted Map Of Skyrim"

You can follow me on Steam, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter under the name Zardoz Xerxes.