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The first thing, this is my first mod and a big sorry for my english but I'm not an english speaking, sorry again.


NEW VERSION 1.8 ADDED: A lot of work in a this new version that includes all previous and:

- NPCs Fixes: small fixes for some NPCs that had small bugs or ugly details, and some NPCs are redone from 0 and fixed some NPCs Ages to presevate the Vanilla essence.

- A lot of new NPCs all over the world: Quest NPCs, Encounter Zones, Dungeons...

- Encounter Zones NPCs: here its included mostly NPCs you can meet on the roads: farmers, thiefs, vigilants of stendarr, assassins, hunters, some bandits...

- Revised Faction NPCs: The Alik'r Warriors now have a new face wash, there are a lot of them.

At least V- 1.7 - The Reach and his locations, and with this my mod makes changes in all the regions of Skyrim! Enjoy it. Now I'll start to review and fix some npcs and do small changes!

V- 1.6 - Haafingar has been Added. A lot of new npcs appareances including: All Solitude, the docks, the farms, stables and the solitude mill, Dragon Bridge and the Thalmor Embassy and more & more NPCS!! All for you!! I Hope you like and remember let me know any problem!

V- 1.5 - The Pale & Hjaalmarch Added with their smalls additional locations. I´m having some problems working with the mod so please report me any bug!

V- 1.4 - Eastmarch Added to the Main Downloads! Include: Narzulbur, Eldergleam Sanctuary, farms, Kynesgrove and Windhelm of course! Have fun!

V- 1.3 - This Version includes all of the others versions and: Winterhold and the College + Some NPCs and places forgotten in the previous regions, like the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath, the Greaybeards, Angi, Anise and a lots more, enjoy it! English & Spanish to Download as Always!

V- 1.2 - The Rift Added to Downloads in English or Spanish! Check it and enjoy!

- V. 1.1 - Falkreath Added to the main download with a pair of fixes to Witherun: A scar for Saadia (Lore-Friendly) and fixed the head size of Ulfberth. You can check the new Screens and thanks to BloodrendX001 and MidnightBreezy for the advices to fix.

- Added too an English and Spanish version in separate downloads for your election. Let me know any mistake please.

- This is a mod that changes most (if not all) NPCs faces and clothes/armors of the region of Skyrim at the time I´m working on them. This include the diverse places along the regions like towns, farms, etc.

This mod attemps to make a more beautiful Skyrim with more beautiful people and attemps to change some aspect of them in accordance of their rolls. Example: Ahlam is the wife of Nazeem, a rich landowner, but she wears farmer clothes, she would wear fine clothes and that is what i´ve done. At the same time, I've eliminated the "elder race" making the elders of whiterun as "Nord race" but with the skin 50, so they look old but not looking like people with 80 or 90 years, specialty the old women.

The screenshots that I've done haven´t been retouched with Photoshop or other similar program, just took them from the game with the ENB injected.

- Well, i´ve used a few beautiful faces mods:

- Males: High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox

- Females: LIFE - Lith Face Enhancement -CBBE-UNP-UNPB with Clear Faces by LithiumFlower

- Elven Races: Ethereal Elven Overhaul by Nuska

- Smiles: Smiles in HD by zzjay

- I've checked some mods for bodies and faces and the most have a good result always that are compatibles. If the mods aren´t compatibles the neck colour will be ugly.

- I've used for males Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 & FavoredSoul

- I've used the Dimonized UNP Body by dimon99 females model for the mod in conjunction with UNP Female Armors by exeter but i´ve tried CBBE by Caliente and Calientes Vanilla Outfits for CBBE by Caliente and work fine for me.

- Mods recommended for the looking of the screens:

- [b]aMidianBorn Retextures by CaBaL120 and aMidianBorn Skyforge & Wolf Armor by CaBaL120

- Elaborate Textiles - NPC Clothing Retextures by MiisObsidienne

- NPC Clothes HD by BaronDavid

- Blue Tavern Clothes by Danariel

- The ENB is the same that LIFE Screenshots: Fimbulvinter by 1000stemar


- I'm not completely sure but this form works for me:

- Install the bodies and faces meshes and textures that you want, I personally recommend the mods that I've used:

- UNP + UNP Armors + Geonoxx Males Faces + LIFE Faces + Ethereal Elven (I'm not sure on that but Ethereal must be installed at the final and replace the other archives)

- Ethereal Elven have an archive with the tintmasks needed but I include with the mod both directories, meshes and textures, with the archives .nif and .dds for the skin changes of the elven npcs that I´ve done.

- Then, extract to data folder Whiterun Region Redone and replace if ask you the content of meshes and textures.

- One thing more: if you have any problem specialty with the skin color please let me know it to find a solution, thanks.

- Permission: you can play Skyrim with this mod but you can have fun changing all NPCs that you want too! If you want use my changes for other mod or include them and publish it well, just credit me please.

- Thanks all modders that work so good: LithiumFlower, Nuska, Caliente, Geonox, zzjay, CaBaL120, BaronDavid, Danariel, 1000stemar,Chris57, FavoredSoul, dimon99, Geonox, zzjay, CaBaL120, BaronDavid, Danariel, 1000stemar, exeter...