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About this----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This is all of my mod's i make i put on this one Webpage everytime i make a mod i am going to release single version and one on here like a trophy of somet sort lol. I am also going list all the people that have helped me through this and all the people that have endorsed my mods to create a thank's.
Hearthfire Manor House Resource -
Isandaar Hideout -
Make NPCs follower's -
Marriable NPCs -
Quick travel bat teleport's -
Thieve's Den -
Unenchanted thieve's Armour -
Hearthfire Manor House Resource - a modders resourse it adds a cell with the hearthfires manor house interior but slightly altered it is good for quick house making or people who lazy such as me it is fully Navmeshed but may need altering if you add objects. cell id: "A1Whit3sResourceManor".
Isandaar Hideout - 1 - AlchemyBench, 1 - EnchantingBench, 1 - Smelter, 1 - SpinningWheel,
1 -TamperingBench, 1 - Forge, 1 - TanningRack, 1 - StaffmakingBench,
More than enough storage, Plenty of mannequin's and Loads of space
Make NPCs Followers - Bat File this bat file is used by putting in the data folder and when in game openning console, clicking on an npc and type "Bat Follower" but with the "" this bat file will allow you to make nearly all npc's in the game a follower but there are some that cant be as such like a bandit. things that arnt friendly lol, Special/Unique NPCs cannot be be turned into follower's but most NPCs will.
Marriable NPCs - this mod is the same case as Make NPCs Followers it is a bat file as such you put it in the DATA folder and when in game open console, click on npc and type "Bat Marry" without "".
as same again with make NPCs Followers it dosen't work on some NPCs such as Serana From Dawnguard DLC.
Quick travel bat teleports - this is bunch of bat files that come with the list and instruction's. open console, type "bat what`ever`one`you`want". faster getting around than using fast travel and you can even teleport to some selected NPCs that can come in useful such as Delphine - Serana... and so on.
Thieve's Den is located near Morthal, it should already be in the map quick travel ready to go.
2 mannequins's, 1 enchanting, 1 alchemy, 1 forge, 1 smelter, 1 tanning, 1 workbench, spinningwheel, 1 woodblock, loads of storage, loads of bookshelf, loads of dagger cases, loads of weapon plaques, 1 bed,
more specific utilities will be released when i get round to counting them.
Unenchanted thieve's armour set adds 4 different unenchanted sets of thieves armour to tonila in the ragged flaggon and can only be got there - purpose Gang/Clan - Lore as thieve's you should be able to buy your armour and so on like how did all the other thieves get there armour they didnt get it for free off tonila did they. not so thats my purpose.


EpiclyWhit3 - me
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Creation Kit - Bethesda
Warning some Future mod's may contain adult content. have no idea why put that some people might search the nexus with there mother right?