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This BAT File is set up to provide the user a semi full set of what I call Smithing Gear.
It includes the following,
1 Falmer Helmet
1 Dwarven Armor Curias
1 Set Dwarven Gauntlets
1 Set Dwarven Boots
1 Gold Diamond Necklace
1 Gold Diamond Ring
1 Copper & Ruby Circlet
1 Daedric Bow
10 Ebony Ingots
10 Blacksmith Elixirs

Worn Items are double 100% smithing enchanted provided your ENCHANTING level is at 100...or whatever level your enchanting level is at. Example: level 47 will yield a double 47% smithing enchantment. If this is the case then you will NOT get the possible 751 or 1,117 damage rating. Also be sure your SMITHING level is at 100 as well.


I have provided the links to the other MODs required to obtain the 1,117 damage rating. Please be sure to ENDORSE them if you like them ..I did.

The Extra MODs needed for 1,100+ Bow Damage are listed here. Otherwise you'll get about 751 max.

Craftable Panties Bras and Stockings for CBBEv3M (by goTha)

UNP Leather Clothes Red (by Petrovich and IDzeroNo)

Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit for UNP (by Backsteppo)

If you like this MOD please ENDORSE it and check out my others :-)
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Future plans will include 2 more optional files designed to provide Full SMITHING perks and a 100 level as well as similar for enchanting...though I'm busy juggling other mods so it could be a while.