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Allow you to easily change texture paths in NIF files.

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Name:Mesh tool N3 - PathChanger

ChangeLog (version 1.11):
- add ability to use subfolders in "IN" folder
- add ability to ADD new path
- add ability to DELETE existed path
- add ability to use named NiTriShape blocks to work with
- new convinient TXT file format
(see example inside)


Program allow you to change existed path of texture to a new one.
It work with [BSShaderTextureSet] block.

Main features:

- easy change of texture path
- mass change of path in pack of NIF files
- fast work

How to use this tool:

This program is supposed to be used at command prompt. (Start->Run->"cmd.exe")
If you run the tool without parameters you will see a little help about it.

---> Example: "PathChanger Body.nif newPath.txt -q"
Tool create a new file with prefix "_new": "Body_new.nif", with new texture paths inside.

List of parameters:

First - name of NIF file (program will try to search for path here)
Second - name of TXT file (with path to search and path for replace)
Third - (optional) "-q" - remove ALL questions and confirmations

How program works:

It take strings from first block in TXT file and try to find [BSShaderTextureSet] block with equal path strings inside.
If one of strings was found, program change it to the string from second block of TXT file (after separator).
Now you can use [ADD] parameter to add new path to the empty slot.
Now you can use [DELETE] parameter to delete existed path from slot.
Now you can use [MeshName] or [ANY] parameter to choose what blocks you want to proceed.

(NOTE: search of path is case sensitive!)


(none found, ... yet :))


Use this tools as you like, just don't forget to mention me like the author ;)


Niftools team for NifSkope
Microsoft for Visual Studio 2010 Express
Bethesda for the Game