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This mod adds 100+ new lore friendly spells to the game.

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This mod adds 100+ new lore friendly spells that were missing (in my opinion) from the original game. All spells are added to the leveled list so they can be found like any other vanilla spells. The purpose of this mod is to add more choices and flavour for the magicians and to keep the vanilla feel of the game. Now, I'm not going to claim how fair and balanced these spells are, because it's everyone's personal opinion. Try the mod and judge it yourself.

Good to know:

  • Master level spells can be bought from spell vendors when the appropriate skill is at least 90.
  • Aversion, Wisdom, Slow, Haste, Regen (Regeneration, Recovery etc), Fortify attribute (Extra Health, Fortitude etc) and Damage (Damage Strength, Damage Intelligence) spells do not benefit from the dual casting perk. Therefore they do not get double magnitude or duration from it.
  • The effects caused by these spells do not stack with themselves. Using same spell twice only resets the timer on it.
  • All spells (except Wisdom spells) have 0,5 second charge time and require one hand, even the master level spells.
  • When casting Blind on enemies, it is important to cast Muffle on yourself first. Otherwise blinded enemies will still "see" you.
  • Not all spells give experience on use. There is nothing I can do about it.

Warning: This mod may contain same spells which are introduced in a numerous other spell mods here in Nexus. Does not contain any earthquake, teleport, meteor shower or conjure zombie army spells.

To see descriptions of the spells check out the "readme" tab.


  • Feather (Apprentice)
  • Strong Feather (Expert)
  • Safe Fall (Adept)
  • Waterwalking (Adept)
  • Resist Fire (Apprentice)
  • Resist Frost (Apprentice)
  • Resist Magic (Apprentice)
  • Resist Poison (Apprentice)
  • Resist Shock (Apprentice)
  • Strong Resist Fire (Expert)
  • Strong Resist Frost (Expert)
  • Strong Resist Magic (Expert)
  • Strong Resist Poison (Expert)
  • Strong Resist Shock (Expert)
  • Paralysis Rune (Adept)
  • Spelltrap (Adept)
  • Advanced Spelltrap (Master)
  • Open Apprentice Lock (Novice)
  • Open Adept Lock (Apprentice)
  • Open Expert Lock (Adept)
  • Open Master Lock (Expert)
  • Telekinetic Grab (Master)
  • Wisdom of Alteration (Master)


  • Conjure Skeleton (Novice)
  • Conjure Skeleton Archer (Novice)
  • Conjure Skeleton Mage (Novice)
  • Conjure Draugr (Apprentice)
  • Conjure Draugr Archer (Apprentice)
  • Conjure Draugr Mage (Apprentice)
  • Conjure Wispmother (Adept)
  • Conjure Vampire (Adept)
  • Conjure Dragon Priest (Expert)
  • Conjure Draugr Deathlord (Expert)
  • Conjure Ghost (Master)
  • Conjure Skeletal Dragon (Master)
  • Spectral Arrow (Adept)
  • Banish Zombie (Adept)
  • Expel Zombie (Expert)
  • Command Undead (Expert)
  • Command Humanoid (Expert)
  • Command Creature (Expert)
  • Wisdom of Conjuration (Master)


  • Viperbolt (Novice)
  • Potent Viperbolt (Adept)
  • Deadly Viperbolt (Master)
  • Poison Rune (Apprentice)
  • Poison Cloak (Adept)
  • Toxic Cloud (Expert)
  • Charged Sparks (Expert)
  • Searing Flames (Expert)
  • Freezing Frostbite (Expert)
  • Slow (Adept)
  • Mass Slow (Master)
  • Damage Magicka (Adept)
  • Damage Stamina (Adept)
  • Damage Intelligence (Expert)
  • Damage Strength (Expert)
  • Corrode Armor (Adept)
  • Disintegrate Armor (Expert)
  • Aversion to Fire (Apprentice)
  • Aversion to Frost (Apprentice)
  • Aversion to Magic (Apprentice)
  • Aversion to Poison (Apprentice)
  • Aversion to Shock (Apprentice)
  • Dire Aversion to Fire (Expert)
  • Dire Aversion to Frost (Expert)
  • Dire Aversion to Magic (Expert)
  • Dire Aversion to Poison (Expert)
  • Dire Aversion to Shock (Expert)
  • Wisdom of Destruction (Master)


  • Brief Invisibility (Apprentice)
  • Conceal Other (Apprentice)
  • Calm Rune (Adept)
  • Fear Rune (Adept)
  • Fury Rune (Adept)
  • Vanish (Master)
  • Night Eye (Adept)
  • Blind (Adept)
  • Mass Blind (Expert)
  • Phantasm (Expert)
  • Wisdom of Illusion (Master)


  • Cure Disease (Adept)
  • Cure Poison (Apprentice)
  • Extra Health (Apprentice)
  • Extra Magicka (Apprentice)
  • Extra Stamina (Apprentice)
  • Fortitude (Adept)
  • Daedric Health (Expert)
  • Daedric Magicka (Expert)
  • Daedric Stamina (Expert)
  • Superior Fortitude (Master)
  • Regeneration (Apprentice)
  • Lasting Potency (Apprentice)
  • Vigor (Apprentice)
  • Recovery (Adept)
  • Strong Regeneration (Expert)
  • Strong Lasting Potency (Expert)
  • Strong Vigor (Expert)
  • Strong Recovery (Master)
  • Haste (Adept)
  • Disease Immunity (Adept)
  • Wisdom of Dragon Language (Adept)
  • Dispel (Expert)
  • Dispel Other (Expert)
  • Greater Healing (Expert)
  • Aegis (Expert)
  • Grand Aegis (Master)
  • Wisdom of Restoration (Master)

Installation: Extract files to Skyrim/Data folder. Use launcher and in data files select LoreFriendlySpells.esp.

Uninstallation: Delete all files.

Compatibility: This mod is not compatible with mods that change or alter spell vendors and leveled lists of the spell tomes.

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