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"Be careful. Their leader is a tricky one. They call him 'the Skinner'. I don't think I need to tell you why."
?Aela the Huntress

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An armor mod by Hothtrooper44

"Be careful. Their leader is a tricky one. They call him 'the Skinner'.
I don't think I need to tell you why."

?Aela the Huntress

Krev the Skinner was my inspiration for the creation of this mod. Aela was right, a true warrior of the Silver Hand would wear his trophies with pride. After all, I doubt all that many men can stand up to a werewolf! If a dedicated hunter of the beasts should prevail, he would be highly respected among his peers and hold authority among the Silver Hand. Now those warriors who have done the impossible and slain a child of Hircine will sport their prize... and you can too!

"Mantle of the Silver Hand" is a lore friendly, standalone, light and heavy head piece with a cloak for both genders and all races. The armor is equivalent to Nord Plate/Scaled armor in statistics. It cannot be crafted, it is found on distinguished members of the Silver Hand - if you want one for yourself go pay them a little visit! It can be tempered using the pelt of a werewolf.

I make my own videos now! Feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel where I always post a video before I release a mod. =)

Feedback on the armor should be left in the comments section. I will read all the comments made and consider requests for alterations and potential fixes.

If your enjoy this armor, please consider coming back to endorse it.

I would like to take this small space to thank the users of my mods, and the Nexus community at large. I am honored to be a part of this community, and to contribute to it. Thank you for your patronage of my work, whether it comes through comments, endorsements, or even a kind donation. You are the reason that I spend long hours of work bettering Skyrim. The Nexus community is the reason I continue to create mods. Thank you.

If you wish to use this armor set for your mod, please ask me by message first.
I do wish to help other mods and the community at large with my work, so don't hold back from asking!

Hothtrooper44 - Mantle of the Silver Hand
nivea - The meshes for the cape
Bethesda - Skyrim and its assets
Chilliblitz, Berseneva, Rosendaemonin, VictoriaG, TairenSoul, netherwalk - Screenshots