True Destruction Scaling by thenexusforumslol
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Added: 09/04/2013 - 11:19PM
Updated: 10/04/2013 - 03:21PM

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Last updated at 15:21, 10 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 23:19, 9 Apr 2013


No scripts, no hidden perks, no strange activation, no half working scaling, no new spells. The True Destruction Scaling does not do all that mumbo jumbo :) To enable the mod, spend 1 perk point in Destruction tree. Can be enabled from beginning, as soon as free perk point is available.


Changes made by this mod:

- seems I forgot to add Lightning Storm, fixed now.

- adds 1% damage per Destruction skill point to ALL spells in Destruction tree,
- scaling does not affect player made weapon enchants,
- perks Augmented Fire/Frost/Shock does not affect player made weapon enchants (it does in vanilla),
- cloaks base damage is actualy 8 now,
- cloaks/walls/runes not affected by Augmented Fire/Frost/Shock perks,
- combat magic regeneration is doubled,

- as side effect, mod affect (if you take the perk) some premade weapons like staves. If this is gamebreaking for you, dont use my mod (or staves:)).

Spells affected:

Flames YES
Frostbite YES
Sparks YES

Firebolt YES
Fire Rune YES
Ice Spike YES
Frost Rune YES
Lightning Rune YES
Lightning Bolt YES

Fireball YES
Flame Cloak YES (Base damage is 8)
Ice Storm YES
Frost Cloak YES (Base damage is 8)
Chain Lightning YES
Lightning Cloak YES (Base damage is 8)

Incinerate YES
Wall of Flames YES
Icy Spear YES
Wall of Frost YES
Thunderbolt YES
Wall of Storms YES

Fire Storm YES
Blizzard YES
Lightning Storm YES

Arniel's Convection NO
Vampiric Drain YES


Needed for this mod to work.

- Mod itself.


Any mod that changes perks/magic effect.


1.1, 10/4/2013 - Lightning Storm fix.
1.0, 10/4/2013 - Initial release.