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Have you ever wished for a better favorites system? Have you ever been struggling with changing weapons or even apparel in combat? Then Loadout is a lightweight plugin that you will definitely enjoy. It allows you to store 10 unique sets of your complete outfit including weapons, spells and shouts and swap to them without interruption using hotkeys

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I believe that there is a lot of room for improvement on the Skyrim interface. Just take a look at one of the biggest mods SkyUI which enhances almost every aspect of the Skyrim interface. One system that has been bugging me for a long time is the favorites system and in my eyes, it could definitely be improved.

Changing my weapons in combat is so unintuitive when you want to equip two different items in your hands. I find myself equipping weapons and spells manually through the favorites menu or the inventory menu far foo often. It is not only troubling to perform these repetitive tasks, it also breaks the intense action when you have to open a menu in the middle of a fight.

I enjoy putting my carefully collected equipment to their fullest potential. My Necklace of Haggling comes in handy when bartering with my friend Belethor in Whiterun and my Iron boots of Forging make sure that I'm able to forge the finest swords in all of Skyrim. Equipping my bartering outfit or my smithing gear through the apparel menu is a task that I would rather avoid.

So I started thinking of ways to improve the existing favorite mechanics. What if you could equip entire outfits complete with weapons, spells and shouts instead of single items? Loadout allows you to do exactly that!

Check out the video by Brodual below or alternatively from insane0hflex to see Loadout in action:

Loadout is as of 13 April 2013 featured by Skyrim GEMS which, in essence, means that it is a good plugin.

My intentions are to make Loadout as efficiently to use as possible. This is why I have chosen to use hotkeys for saving and restoring loadouts. I will use the term loadout to describe a complete set of apparel, weapons, spells and shouts. There are even some hotbuttons if you will when you use a controller! The keyboard hotkeys work as well when playing Skyrim with a controller mode.

There are 10 loadout slots available and they can be used through the number 0 to 9 on your keyboard. So to store your loadout in slot 2 press ALT + 2. To equip the loadout stored in slot 2, simply press 2. Slots 1 and 2 can be used as well if you have a controller. Holding the right thumb stick while pressing the left or right arrow button saves your current equipment in slot 1 or 2 respectively. Pressing the arrow buttons without holding the right thumb stick will restore the items. Note that it is possible to use your keyboard in combination with the controller!

I recommend to plan which loadout slot you will use for what purpose. This makes sure that you use Loadout to its fullest potential. It provides so much flexibility that you can get very far with a little creative thinking. My scheme usually looks like the following:
1: Melee loadout, for example shield and sword.
2: Bow loadout, could put second bow in normal favorites to quickly swap a single weapon.
3: Casting loadout, for example dual wield fireball.
4: Buffing loadout, for example courage, summons, oakflesh.
5: Open.
6: Pretty townsclothes for my roleplaying needs.
7: Bartering gear.
8: Smithing gear.
9: Alchemy gear.
0: Open.
The awesome part of Loadout is that you do not need to stick to this configuration. You are free to configure your loadouts however you want!

When you use a weapon, spell or shout only on rare occasions you might not want to reserve loadout slot for it. This why Loadout doesn't replace the old favorites menu. Having hotkeys bound to the original favorites will not work properly in combination with Loadout. These conflicts are harmless though.

Installing Loadout is very easy. There is one thing though that might make it a bit uncomfortable, Loadout depends on SKSE. Follow the instructions in the SKSE readme that is available on the site if you do not already have SKSE installed.

Make sure that you have the latest version of Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) installed.
Make sure that you have the latest version of Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) installed.

Installation steps
Empty your favorites list in Skyrim and save.
Download the latest version of Loadout. To do this, go to the files tab at the top of this page and then click on 'Download with Manager'.
Activate the plugin in NMM.
Launch Skyrim via SKSE, I believe this can be done via NMM.

Because I did a clean rewrite, upgrading from Loadout 0.x or 1.x to 2.x requires you to take some extra steps. If you are starting a new game or if you have never used Loadout before you should not do this.
Download the Loadout Uninstaller which should overwrite pre 2.0.0 Loadout versions
Activate the Loadout Uninstaller plugin
Make sure Steam is started before launching Skyrim
Start Skyrim through the SKSE launcher and load your game
A message should appear: "You have uninstalled Loadout"
Disable Loadout Uninstaller and install the new Loadout like you normally would.

To uninstall, first disable the Loadout plugin in NMM. Then install Loadout Uninstaller which can be found under the files tab. Be sure to activate the Loadout Uninstaller plugin in NMM after downloading it.

New savegames do not need the Loadout Uninstaller plugin because the only thing it does is unregister all Loadout key events and declare all functions that might be run because of traces of Loadout in savegames to not do anything.

To actually purge all mod data from your savegames you could take a look at this page.

This section contains requested features and confirmed bugs. Check out the changelog to see what has already been fixed. Report requests or issues preferably on github or alternatively on the requests topic which can be found under the forum tab.
Ensure that the petition gets mass attention.
Find a way to be able to equip two items made from the same base item.
Provide a way to configure hotkeys.
Remap controller keys and rewire code to open up 7 or 8 loadout slots.
Add option to disable Loadout notification messages.

I have listed some additional resources you might find useful here.

A big thanks to the folks on the bethesda forums, to the people who created and update the creation kit wiki and to the SKSE team for their amazing work. Also a big thanks to you for providing feedback on this plugin.

Some people who helped me out in particular:
These guys enabled me to write the basis of this plugin in a short time.

Thank you Bethesda for creating this awesome game and providing us the means to mod it.

Enjoy everyone!