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Guardians is a mod Designed to Greatly Enhance skyrims dungeons, falmer locations, and dwarven locations. by creating much more potent variants of these enemies, this mod does way more then that however. i have also created an entire new group of enemies known as the Guardians who are far more advanced then these enemies mentioned above.

their is currently 3000 new enemies for very diverse battles

my mod does a lot for these enemies mentioned above, and is designed for challenge, diversity and rewards.

this mod does go very in depth with these enemies, and completely changes everything about these enemies, from loot pools, to ai tweaks etc etc.

this mod brings, tactics, unique abilities for enemies, and requires the player to be prepared for these locations above. as going to said locations is no longer a walk in the park so to speak. they are now very dangerous locations living up to what one would expect in the real world.

i really cant express in words what my mod is all about. you will have to play it to find out. but just know, that a hell of a lot of thought, dedication, passion and creative ideas went in to this mod. the best way to know what this mod is all about, is my mod is similar to mods like Skyrim Immersive Creatures, and Monster mod. but i go far more in depth with these enemies above, which includes loot, giving everyone of my enemies roles in combat, as well as all of my enemies will only ever use the weapons i gave them to be very defined on my enemies, they also have many advanced summons of the vanilla creatures added in all dlc aswell as base game, these summons are far more advanced compared to vanilla counterparts as well. etc etc

My mod does also do other things as well, which steps outside the scope of what this mod is all about, however that is why my mod is classed as an overhaul rather then other categories.

other edits

1. i have added all vanilla enchantments and ranks to every single weapon and armor in the game (this also includes unique armor and weapons, ie blades armor and weapon, imperial weapons etc etc), this means that every single weapon and armor can now spawn with any enchantment and all ranks of them. this does not mean that literally every weapon will spawn with all enchantments at once, but it does mean that iron weapons for example have the ability to spawn with paralysis enchantments, and rank 6 of other enchantments. so basically their is no limitations any more. with regards that only ebony and above can have paralysis enchantment etc etc. this also means that bows can now spawn with absorb enchantments. the spawning system is still the same, meaning both enchanted and non enchanted gear will spawn as normal, it literally means that i have created new variants of all gear with the new enchantments that they did not have before. this not only removes restrictions, but now unique gear now actually has enchantments. again blades for example.

2. i have edited all daedric artifacts and dragon priest masks, by giving them far better enchantments, especially dragon priest masks as they now have unique enchantments making them far more unique.

3. i have made it so every single piece of gear in the game can now be tempered pass flawless, where bethesda failed to give tempering to some gear in the game for whatever reason.

4. my mod fixes the mark for death bug, that is introduced as part of the base game. (in other words this is a base game bug and not a mod bug)

5. all gear from all dlc and base game now share the same levelled lists, meaning gear added in these dlc will now spawn in skyrim, and vice versa

Enemies that have been either modded or created
Falmer Vampires
Dwarven Automations
and many creatures, but only ones that i have made summonable for my enemies.

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