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DOES NOT REPLACE CANDLELIGHT. Adds a new light spell - Illuminated Steps - with 14 colors to choose from. 10/09/15 - I am soon to be updating this mod. Check back within the week!

Permissions and credits
10/10/15 - Version 0.4 is out! This version of Illuminated Steps (ILUST) has been re-jiggered and now works with a script to add the spells directly into the leveled lists that novice Illusion spells can be found in. Notably, this adds them to the leveled lists that low-level spell vendors (Hold Wizards) and Illusion spell vendors (e.g. Drevis in CoW) use to sell tomes. All colors are available from the start.

What this mod does:

This mod adds new Light spells which will illuminate the area around you. All of them are 'toggle' spells - that is, cast the spell once to turn it on and again to turn it off. The position of the light is under your feet, so you appear as a dark silhouetted character and the floor lights up beneath you as you walk. Originally I wanted the character to be illuminated but this is also a cool effect, and does not affect the functionality of the mod. Unlike Candlelight, the position of the light is centered on the caster, so it travels where you do, not just a few paces ahead or behind. 

What it does not do:
- Alter any default spells or spell effects in any way. This mod is compatible with everything, although it may be too dark or too bright depending on what mods you use. Please provide feedback if this is the case for you!
- Does not give you "stealth" light. The light affects your ability to sneak just as much as Candlelight would. However, the position of the light relative to you and the NPC might be slightly different - they would spot you crouching behind a rock, but because your helmet isn't lit from above by a floating light, maybe they won't with this mod.
- Help you please your significant other in bed.

Installation & Use:
Extract the ESP and Scripts folder into your Skyrim/Data directory and enable the ESP using the launcher, NMM, or plugins.txt. The 'Scripts' folder will not replace or overwrite anything - I have simply included the loose toggle script (+source, many people have made a script just like this but mine is as minimal as possible. If you can further decrease its size, let me know!). In future I may try my hand at packing a .BSA file for use with my mods.

0.4 - Gets rid of the merchant NPC I made and instead injects the spells into the world itself.
0.3 -The merchant who sells the spells is a very basic Imperial named 'Magician', found at the bottom of Guldenrock Mine in Darkwater Crossing. Future versions will implement the spells more gracefully than a guy who stands there mining 24/7 looking like a bandit. ;)
0.2 - This was the first stage of me trying to add more stuff to the mod.
0.1 - Absolutely nothing but the spells. You have to add them to yourself with the console.

To get rid of the mod completely including scripts, delete AH_Illumination.esp from Skyrim/Data and  AveSpellToggle.pex & _AveILUSTInjectorScript.pex from Data/Scripts.

Or use NMM to install and then use it again to uninstall!

Future plans:
- More elegant method of adding the spells into the game world.
- I want to expand the list of colors available. Currently there are 14 to choose from.
- I'd also like to just give the player the basic 'white' color version and have him/her change the light color so that there is just one spell in the player's spellbook. Reduces clutter.
- Tweaks to the effects and the lights used based on feedback.
- Add Enchantment versions <-- Framework has been laid for this. 0.5 will have enchantment versions and some extra colors.
- NMM installer with options for a toggle version, 1 minute (vanilla) version for purists, and a 5 minute version (3 or 5 minute versions of Candlelight seem to be the most common mods to the spell).

List of colors:
Red + Pale Red
Green + Pale Green
Blue + Pale Blue
Royal Purple + Lilac (pale purple)
Sickly (Yellow)
Toxic (Green)

Known issues:
- The spells were apparently made in a cave with a box of scraps.