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Summer Skyrim

Video shows only version 1.0; in Files section Summer Solstheim HD Legacy. Check Images to see newest version


Complete transformation of Solstheim's environment
It has been quite some time since the strongest ashfall and the land has hastily regrown due to the extra fertility the ash has provided
This mod contains higher resolution textures, full LOD of terrain and trees, custom modified "lush" grass and plant meshes, summerised Raven Rock architecture, modified mushroom textures (no nasty black-brown dots) and retextured creatures and monsters to fit with the new landscape
It won't be quite like any place in Skyrim either


Update 1.52 : Solstheim Skies overhauled ambient sound FX, added another weather, tweaked particle FX
Update 1.52 : Summer Solstheim removed ash shaders; no more ash dust on the thatched roofs, basalt rocks and other!
Update 1.51 : Added modified summer creatures (real looking crab, green bugs, bit darker ash guys, red birds) for more immersion and gave a more green, mossy look to raven rock town
Update 1.20 : Summer Solstheim plants and grass reworked for a fuller landscape. Custom lush grass meshes added.
Update 1.20 : Solstheim Skies advanced much. Nearly completed this stage before adding more weathers.
Update 1.10 : Solstheim Skies advanced some, added DoF effects to rain weather
Update 1.00 : Added Solstheim Skies BETA


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