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This is a stand alone upload of a mesh I created as a thank you to GStaff, and DarkOne.

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Bow of the DarkOne by Nicoroshi v1.1

Reason for this mod:

This mod was created as a Thank You to DarkOne, and GStaff for doing a great job dealing with a thief that was stealing mods from the Nexus, and uploading them as their own work on the Steam workshop.

You guys are a great asset to the modding community. Thank you. :)

Although I created a stand alone version of this mod it is a modder's resource for all things Skyrim.

I want the community to use it in their creations, and have fun with it.

What does this mod do?

This mod adds one DarkOne Bow to just inside the door of the Companions mead hall in Whiterun (on the right under the table right by the main entrance).

It is also craftable with the Ebony smithing perk, and can be improved as well.

How do I install it?

Unpack the downloaded 7zip file to a known location (like 'my desktop').

Open the file, and either copy to folder or drag, and drop the folder labeled 'Data' into your Skyrim folder.

NOTE: The Skyrim folder is normally located at C:\Steam\Steamapps\common\skyrim.

When prompted by windows answer "Yes To All".

Start Skyrim, and in the Data directory place a checkmark by the esp.

Play and enjoy.

Or skip all of that and install using Nexus Mod Manager :)

Version History:

1.0 initial release

1.1 Repaired nif to fix bow drop bug. Changed arrow connection point on string.


Although I created a unique mesh, and texture for this bow it's original shape was based on a bow found in the movie 'Avatar'


Conversions to other languages allowed

Use in other Skyrim mods allowed

Changing the texture allowed (and welcomed!)

Changing the stats allowed

Changing basically anything you want.......ALLOWED!

Yep, This mod is a straight gift to the modding community of Skyrim.

I only ask that credit is given for my original work, and the name of the bow retain the words "DarkOne" in it's title somewhere.

I also request that it stay with who it was intended for.


After all it is a direct Thank you to both DarkOne, and GStaff.

Authors Note:

Thanks again for all that you do GStaff, and DarkOne.

And to the modding community:

Have fun with it.