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Update your character

Here is a list of bat file's that will make it very easy to upgrade your character to the highest level you can be. ENDORSE my files please.

allperks: Will give you every perk that you can acquire in the game.
allspells: Will give you every spell in the game. (there are a few I have found that sometimes a book may give you)
maxskills: Will max out your skills to level 100 for everything
enchant: Will give you items that when disenchanting them you receive all the enchantments in the game
setlvl81: Will set your level to 81
allshouts: Will give you every shout in the game
carset: Does many things. Will set your health, stamina, magicka, damage resist, magic resist, poison resist, reflect damage, weapon speed mult ( makes you swing your sword really fast), magic rate, health rate, stamina rate, speed mult ( makes you move faster) and carry weight much much higher.

How to install these and make them work.

1st These bat files are text files that have had the file extension removed so they work with the game. If you wish to edit them you can open them with the notepad but they MUST NOT have a file extension for them to work.

2nd The files must be placed in the following folder for them to work. Programfiles(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data

3rd To make them work it is simple. While in the game open the console with the ` button. It is to the left of the number 1 key. Then type in bat and the file name. Example bat maxskills

Note: You MUST remove the .exe file extension first before moving the files to the data folder. Rename the file without the .exe on it.

Note: The carset file must be reloaded each time that you quit,exit or reload your game. For some reason the game does not remember the speed mult and the carry weight. All the other character attributes remain intact except for these 2. So when you start skyrim and load your save file just open the console and type in bat carset and hit enter. Then close the console with the same key. Now you all set.

Warning. When you shout at the greybeards to prove your the dragonborn it will only register with them if and only if you have not modded or unlocked anything but the first word only. After that enjoy and unlock them all it does not matter.

These files are given to allow you to enjoy the game in a way that most never do. Makes you much stronger and much more powerful. Use them carefully and enjoy. Please Don't forget to ENDORSE my files.