Atmospheric Whiterun by Kedren Aderac
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Added: 07/04/2013 - 01:33AM
Updated: 08/04/2013 - 08:46PM

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Last updated at 20:46, 8 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 1:33, 7 Apr 2013

??... yes, yet another Whiterun mod. This time however, Whiterun gets somewhat realistic facelift. No, Whiterun is not a jungle and there are no aspen trees around in the tundra. My approach tries to be more lore-friendly and gives the vanilla Whiterun nice enhanced look with lush environment; inspired by mods such as "Dat Grass" and "Skyrim Flora Overhaul". Now Whiterun has a nice crimson red color-scheme.

  • Interior: Adds more foliage, few trees (has LOD) and couple of crates etc..

  • Exterior: Some foliage (has LOD) added to the Whiterun exterior cell, so that the overall feel blends much more seamlessly together and the trees don't just "pop up" out of nowhere.

??Really simple. Put the mod into your Skyrim Data folder, then activate the "Atmospheric Whiterun.esp" via launcher or NMM and you are done! Mod not your style? Then you can deactivate it and delete it from the data folder, easy.

??!!! This is my first mod and is supposed to act as a "personal tutorial" for modding. No complex stuff, pretty basic editing. !!!

??Even though I have used rather excessive amount of bushes, it shouldn't affect the gameplay & FPS much. With my current, rather old setup (Intel Q6600 + GTX580 / GRID 7 and 2K textures), the hit is between 3-8 FPS.

??I will always clean my mods with TES5Edit before uploading, so they should be clean.

??This mod is compatible with mods that alter the actual textures. You can try to stack my mod with other similar mods such as "Beautiful Whiterun" if you really want to. However, some clipping is bound to occur and it will drop your FPS more, so I personally don't advice you to do so.

Atmospheric Whiterun 1.0 video preview by mattxt08 / mattbison: