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Have you ever felt that Skyrim lacks the variety and amount of secret places? Have you ever missed thrilling and exciting cults like the Mythic Dawn from Oblivion? Have you ever felt disappointed with Skyrim's exploration and it's rewards? Well then, Cults of Skyrim tries to fix those weak spots.

Permissions and credits

(For 3.0 changes see "Changes")

IMPORTANT NOTE: Scroll down!
RECOMMENDATION NOTE: I highly recommend to save before entering every dungeon added by this mod. Make a completely new, clean save, so in case something goes wrong - you can either start over or leave and come back later much more powerful.
My dungeons may contain old school traps. Traps that destines you to rot to death and so on. That means if you fail once - you are screwed. If you jump into a deep hole stuffed with skeevers, and there is no way out - you are doomed. That is why i highly recommend creating a new save. Since this mod was not designed to hold your hand and help you in trouble. Sorry, I am an evil person! ^_^
UTILITY NOTE:Scroll down to the bottom for Lore and Content.
INFORMATIONAL NOTE:Version 2.6 and 3.0 have been cleaned with TesVEdit. Dirty edits has been removed. It's as clean as a Zebra. Well... atleast they look clean. Kinda.
PERSONAL NOTE I play Skyrim on Legendary, with Perkus Maximus, Deadly Dragons (expert), Dragon Combat overhaul, Combat Evolved, Revenge of the Enemies. I highly recommend these mods but it's tough. So if something is too hardcore or too softcore - tell me, and I will try to find the problem with your help!

Cults of Skyrim is a mod designed to enhance player's willingness to explore, kill, loot and learn. It uses Skyrim's unused space to include secret dungeons and locations. These dungeons and locations aren't just placed there for the matter of existing. Each location and dungeon tell their own unique hand written story.

"Sooo... What kind of content does this add?"
- Well firstly someone recommended me to include a giant lamb inside whiterun, but i have changed my mind.
This mod adds new unique Dungeons, NPCs, weapons, armors, factions. Everything connects with a story behind every NPC and dungeon. NPCs are more alive than a stupid bandit, There is an ongoing story escalating with every patch, and much more.

[size=15] Constructive feedback always welcome [/size]

I always appreciate constructive feedback. Because feedback lets people understand their mistakes and it points where the problem is. Cool uh?
For anyone thinking that writing a comment like "your mod is gay, here, shove this feedback up your cat's ass" - this is not constructive feedback. And this kind of feedback mentioned above will not be tolerated.
Endorse this mod if you liked it. ^^ It makes Sun shine brighter.

[size=15]A roasted pony taste of what you are going to encounter [/size]

Reveal the secrets of little known Cults that has their own story, politics and understanding of world and life. Reveal their visions and understand their thinking of what it's best for Tamriel. Learn from their conversations, orders, journals and discover new hidden locations with unique setting for each one. But keep in mind that EVERYTHING is connected and nothing is placed just for the matter of being there.
By connecting all dots of your discoveries and knowledge you will eventually be led to something powerful and unknown. You will either die and retreat or win and be rewarded.

[size=20]My lovely point #1[/size]

I want to make a point that this mod was designed for players that enjoy challenge and misses old school RPG's element of discovery and secrets and for that they will get rewarded. I want to make a point that so far there are not any custom voiced characters and the story is written on paper... or if you prefer pixels...
That means that you will or at least should try to use your head and the ability to actually read stuff. It is not very time consuming and it does not draw you away from the game itself because the text was designed not to contain a lot of words because most of us don't like a lot of words... But you can be calm - you will be able to boast in front of your teacher that you have read a journal or a book. Just don't tell how long it was...
This mod contains a lot of custom made NPCs with their unique story and character. Each dungeons tells their own story and lifestyle. You will understand relationships between different NPC's and get some useful tips to survive and achieve rewards you want.

[size=20]My lovely point #2[/size]

I want to point out that majority of NPC's are not leveled. That means they have their own level and sometimes you will have to get the hell out of some places and take your sweeeet wierd ass revenge later on. Or you will encounter weaker enemies and crush their skulls! It depends. It is unpredictable.
If you don't use any gameplay overhaul i recommend setting your difficulty to Master or Legendary. Though i hardly recommend using SkyRe combined with Deadly Dragons and Dragon Combat Overhaul. Because challenge is always fun!
It all depends on you this time. If you are a pussycat you will probably play Skyrim on adept (unmodded). Personally i use Deadly Dragons, SkyRe and Dragon Combat overhaul on Expert. Saying that to give a common sense of original difficulty i wanted to achieve.

[size=20]My lovely point #3[/size]

Another point. Cuz i like em points. Though i have told you already that this mod is hard and rewarding, that doesn't mean it is in some way Player-unfriendly. You might encounter boss like NPC's sometimes and you should love it. Who aren't tired of one hitting those stuipid bandits since 2011? So use some tactics and take preparations. Learn from your environment.


I want to talk about new NPC and a house of his/hers added with you. This is important for getting clues and directions of various dungeons.

There is a new house added by this mod South of Falkreath, way up high in the mountains.
The purpose of this house is important.
In that house lives a person with unknow identity with a nickname of Flowing Moon'river.
He or she is an explorer and writer.
You will most likely won't find that person at home, because he or she is not home, probably on important business.
The purpose of that NPC and that house is to give you clues on new or old locations and it is my personal tool for giving more depth to NPCs added by me. Also with it i will be able to achieve more depth in general. Depth of story, characters, locations and so on.
In the second floor lies Unfinished Book. This is a clue for future or existing not yet discovered content. At the first floor you can already find some books written by that person. They might give you locations or they might tell a story about someone.

I want you to keep in mind, that this person is dynamic. That means by new updates his or hers house might change, new content might be added at that place, new books or signs of life.
I wanted it to feel like that person is actually alive, and by new patches that i will release you will see changes as if that person would have been back at his or hers home and so on.
This will also influence some places outside of that person's house. His or hers travels will be real and not just written so you might find some clues in some city later on or somewhere else.

With that said - enjoy.

[size=20] The infamous load order [/size]

Use BOSS to put this mod and every other mod where they should be. Simple as that.

[size=20] Known Little/Nasty/Cute Bugs [/size]

may alter some of items added by me. Most likely make them a little less powerful. Nothing game breaking though.
If using REPROCCER (Or patching with Pachus Maximus from PERKUS MAXIMUS)

Reproccer will give incorrect values on my unique items if installed incorrectly. But reproccer is essential if you are using SkyRe and other mods which adds armors, weapons and so on.

[size=15]Current Goals[/size]

- Encountered critical illogical error. My new area crashes upon reaching. It doesn't make any sense because it was working like a charm and out of nowhere I can't fix it anymore. Don't worry 3.0 is safe. But all my content that I've worked on for 3.1 might be fatally wounded...

[size=15]Recommended Mods[/size]

Gold - A must have!
Teal - Personal recommendations


Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival (HARDCORE settings, no Fast travel and W.E.A.R enabled)
Deadly Dragons (On expert or higher)
Dragon Combat Overhaul

Perkus Maximus
Civil War Overhaul


Oh and last point. (This one actually smells like a troll mixed with strawberries)
This doesn't use alien technology scripts. So it is friendly to your game. No SKSE required so far. And compatible with hell'ofa'lot of mods.I mean. A lot.
It will conflict with mods which uses same cells though.
Other mods that might influence Cults of Skyrim in some way are listed above in the section called "Known Little/Nasty/Cute Bugs".

[size=25]Lore and Content[/size]

[size=30]Blacksun Cult[/size]

Blacksun Cult was an unknown little group of people until the day of great discovery. Discovery of Xengar's Crystal of Knowledge. Prophecy of Xengar coming to Tamriel and raising the Black Sun above it became more and more believable after this discovery. Lost souls, renegades and twisted ones obtained hope through this discovery and undergoing rumors of possibility to join Blacksun cult. Since that day Blacksun Cult grew stronger and stronger with every passing Moon.

No one actually knows who is Xengar. No one have ever seen him. No one ever knew what means "Raising Black Sun above Tamriel". Blacksun Cult's plans are unknown to anyone except High ranked cultists such as Jady.

Blacksun Cult is known as hostile. Their members attack citizens or soldiers on sight. Their reputation is tainted with blood and agony.

High ranked members of Blacksun Cult are exceptional for their phenomenal strength and knowledge. It is believed that every member of Blacksun Cult receive un-ordinary power since the discovery of Xengar's Crystal.

Mystery, darkness, pain and never ending death covers this cult. Their origins are yet unknown. And they must be terminated before their prophecy is complete.


Zealots are abominations created by Blacksun Cult's high rank memeber Jady.
She carries Xengar's Crystal and figured out a way to perform this forbidden ritual of dark powers.
Jady can perform a ritual using the power of Xengar's Crystal and 3 black soul gems combined with demonic curse words to raise Zealots from flesh and blood of humans.

Zealots are like copies of dead or living people. Jady can create a Zealot from someones dead bones or she can cut someones hand and a piece of flesh to raise this abomination.

If the victim is captured alive, after the ritual person's soul is trapped but he or she remains alive.
Sadly after this ritual if Jady's victim was still alive - his or hers soul is tainted with daedric influence and victims of this ritual are no longer seen as human beings.

Zealots obtains power and knowledge of their original bodies. Zealots are known as superior to their original self since during the ritual these abominations are fueled with forbidden energy of Xengar's Crystal.

Zealots are feral even to their master or original self. They can only recognise other Zealots.

Zealots look same as their original body owners but their skin pigment becomes red and their hair becomes white during the process of ritual.

[size=30]Mirallian Cult[/size]

Mirallian Cult is old and powerful cult originated in Morrowind. This cult was created during Oblivion Crisis but they have always remained shrouded in shadows and secrecy. 

Not long ago several people reported that they have spotted strange dark elves roaming around Skyrim. Some believe that they are basically walking among other citizens of Skyrim without them even realising who they truly are.

Generally Mirallian Cult is considered hostile, but they rarely leave witnesses if they attack. Their members are smart and blend in with the rest of regular people. 

Their beliefs are not fully understood but Mirallian Cult has been linked to several cannibalism reports. Some scholars state that they almost worship fire or some kind of an entity of fire and blood. They eat human flesh and do twisted rituals involving fire and the blood of their eaten pray. 

At the moment, Mirallian Cult is still shrouded in mystery and no one can say for sure who they really are and what do they want. But lately they have been pouring into Skyrim for some reason.

[size=30]Nightdust Dwellers[/size]

Nightdust Dwellers are extremely talented khajiit rangers. They are exclusively trained in Elsweyr in secret and their unusual expertise comes with a high price. Nightdust Dwellers are able to shoot 3 arrows at a time. There are rumors that some can shoot even more arrows at once. They are fast, agile and deadly. They always utilize their environment and kill their tragets from the distance. 

Not many Nightdust Dwellers have been spotted in Skyrim. Maybe that's because only their pray can see them. And none live to survive to tell the tale...


Jady is one of the strongest members of Blacksun Cult. She was the one who led an expedition in Bloodcurse Ruins which resulted in the discovery of Xengar's Crystal - Most important relic of their beliefs. With the discovery of Xengar's Crystal all Blacksun Cult's members got infused with ancient power. And Jady also use it for extremely powerful magic. Magic... like creating Zealots.

Since Mirallian cult sailed to Skyrim and started to suppress and destroy other cults, Jady disappeared. With her disappearance, cultists of Blacksun noticed that they are loosing their power. Some speculate that Jady is absorbing Xengar's Crystal power for herself out of power-madness, others say that she has left Skyrim.

Jady is not the only high ranking member of Blacksun Cult but she was one of the most important members. And since she had Xengar's Crystal without her, Blacksun Cult could become just a grain in the beach.