The Bottomless Pit by Kaminazo and Friends-Nightskia spintochick badgremlin and avpke
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IT'S FINALLY HERE! v2.5 just added to the files section on 5/9. HUGE BUG FIXES! SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FAITHFUL TESTERS: Nightskia, spintochick, badgremlin, and avpke for all their hard work, thorough bug finds and modding guidance!


The Pit goes on for miles, some say. Throat of the World? Meet the Mouth of Hell.

Many avoid it out of fear. What's inside it? Was it put there by some great evil? Does it lead to Oblivion itself? None that have gone in have ever come back. According to myth, even the great Springheel Jack III jumped into the Pit to discover its secrets, but he hasn't been seen in ages.

They say that all who are unlucky enough to stumble upon it are doomed to cast themselves inside.


Welcome to the Pit. Skyrim didn't have a bottomless pit, and I thought it needed one. It's a bit of a mini game that makes you think and react vertically instead of horizontally. To find it, there are two treasure maps in Skyrim. One is in the corner of the desk in the Thieves Guild HQ. The other is on the corner of the desk in the College of Winterhold's Arcaneum. For those who make it to the “bottom”, there is a bit of a prize waiting so good luck!


No DLC's required!
If you don't already use the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) download it and use it to start Skyrim.
Unzip the contents of the .rar into your Skyrim/Data folder.
Click merge, copy and replace when prompted.
Any old files will be overwritten in the process.
Make sure The Pit.esp is checked on in the Data section of your Skyrim loader, then Exit out and start with SKSE.


Unnecessary for updating to a new version. Make sure you want to do this before moving forward.
Delete The Pit.esp from your Skyrim/Data folder.
Delete botpitmap.png from your Skyrim/Data/textures/clutter/books/images folder.
Delete botpitteleport.pex, ninjajump.pex, and nofall.pex from your Skyrim/Data/Scripts folder.
Delete botpitteleport.psc, ninjajump.psc, and nofall.psc from your Skyrim/Data/Scripts/Source folder.


Fun Fact! The Pit is deeper than all of Skyrim is long.

The Pit mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit. There are no dirty edits as of v2.5.

The only existing cells that has been modified are Wilderness 38,-18 and 38,-17 in the Tamriel Worldspace.

Two of the scripts included are very simple and only affect two Game Settings: fJumpHeightMin and fJumpFallHeightMult. They will not work without SKSE. The third script is a fix for Bethesda's faulty autoload doors. This one does not rely on SKSE, but is absolutely essential to play this mod.

The texture file is for the treasure map.

Version History

- added new form list to enchantment properties so it can be unenchanted and added to any clothing/armor
Pit: Tamriel: Wilderness 38,-18
- added new scripted trigger to autoload into the Caverns at 100% success rate with no gaps
- removed dirty edits for three aspen trees, moved the statics to a new location
- repositioned map marker, unchecked "can fast travel" so it will work right with the map
- fixed overlapping black planes jitter
Pit: Interior: Thieves Guild HQ
- moved Note from disabled safe to corner of desk
Pit: Interior: Caverns
- applied new imagespace lighting and fx template
Pit: Interior: Nordic Tomb
- added stairs to both sides of stone pools
- reduced fog for better distant visibility when falling
- adjusted imagespace lighting for better contrast and saturation on ring lights
- deleted two instances of the waterfall from the first pool that were colliding with the ring and obscuring it
Pit: Interior: Deep Freeze
- rotated water plane on left side of second pool to fix falling underwater glitch
- applied new imagespace lighting and fx template
- added collision planes on the sides of all ice pillars that lack collisions to avoid "falling through the level" glitch
Pit: Interior: Depths
- split cell into 2 cells: Depths and Sunken City with new load doors between
- replaced all critter spawners with fish-only versions (no more dragonflies underwater)
- fixed the "black screen error" caused by bad imagespace settings
- created a new transition effect between cells
- rotated blue moving crystals on left side of Snow Elf statue to look more rooted in the rock crevaces
Pit: Interior: Falls
- replaced autoload door to link from sunken city
- added new imagespace
- spaced out spikes near first drop so that it is possible to avoid them
- fixed autoload door gaps with triggered script
Pit: Interior: Dwemer Vent
- added new imagespace
- fixed autoload door gaps with triggered script
Pit: Interior: Molten Core
- replaced missing lava texture with fire wall
- flipped upside down spiderweb that was causing odd collision with bones
- added more pitfalls and traps

v2.12, v2.13, v2.14, v2.15, v2.2, v2.2.1, v2.3.1
unreleased versions, only used for testing
all fixes listed above in v2.5

Added steps to all the ponds so they are easier to get out of.
Added new mineral-based lighting to Depthscell.
Increased ambient lighting in all interior cells.
Fixed smoke clipping with black planes in Tamriel.
Spaced out some pitfalls for better flow.
Fixed hundreds of clipping issues with rocks and other static meshes.
Reduced current speeds in Falls.
Fixed falling through pond issues where depth settings were too shallow.
Made chest in Depths cell easier to reach.
Added docks to Depths cell for easier navigation.
Fixed shadow-casting light errors in Depths.
Added new underwater visuals.
Fixed spider webbing on cave shaft pieces that weren't matching.
Moved spawn points on loading to reduce falling damage.
Replaced glowing blue ball FX as activators with static version.

Removed all DLC requirements.
Replaced Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC attributes with vanilla ones.
Added two new dungeons: the Depths and the Falls.
Fixed trigger inconsistencies in Tomb cell.

Removed Hearthfire DLC dependency.
Added map marker.
Fixed some clipping issues in Tamriel and Pit cells.
Fixed some lighting issues on smoke FX and spiderwebs.

Initial release.
All 3 DLC's required.

Future Plans
Create a corridor and balance maze. (v3?)
Add a section themed like Alice in Wonderland (The Rabbit Hole). (v3?)
Make a reverse gravity pit. (v3?)
Fix lighting issues. (v2.5)
Fix underwater imagespace flickering and blackness bug. (v2.5)
Add a treasure map. (v2.2)
Redo the Trailer video with voiceover and new footage (I got a beefier video card).

Biggest thanks to my faithful testers and new friends: Nightskia, spintochick, badgremlin, and avpke for all their help testing the hundreds of versions between v2.1 and v2.5 and giving me suggestions, support, and screenshots! You guys really made this possible!
Of course, thank you to Skyrim Nexus for allowing us the space and means to create art.
Thank you to Bethesda for letting us butcher your game.
A very special thanks to anyone who downloaded and supported The Bottomless Pit on its original post page in v1.0.
Finally, I owe the artist Nightksia a great debt for his input, guidance, and the amazing screenshots he took for this mod. All but two of the images are his work, and are used with his permission.