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Added: 06/04/2013 - 06:27AM
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This mod started out as just a couple of weapons that I wanted to add to the game for myself, and later decided to release as a public mod so that others would hopefully enjoy them as well.
I am glad that so many have downloaded the mod and most of you are enjoying it (only one complaint about errors, and I am still working on fixing that as soon as I know what's causing the problem).

Unfortunately, I am a very busy person most days, but in my spare time I have continued to work on a few other weapons and will probably update again in the future with even more. :)

So here are more of my Ebonforged Weapons, made of Steel and Ebony folded together in extreme heat and quenched in icy water.

Contents of this Mod:

There are now Ebonforged Weapons in this mod. Their stats are slightly better than Ebony, except that they are slightly heavier, but not quite as good as daedric as far as damage. The ebonforged steel allows them to be more balanced, dealing significant critical damage with a higher-than-average ability to stagger. These weapons also attack just slightly faster than their steel counterparts.

Ebonforged Khukri : A rather large, forward-curving dagger.

Ebonforged Khopesh: A curved-bladed sword designed to cleave when slashing.

Ebonforged Flamberge: A rather large 2-handed sword designed for unhorsing mounted assailants.

Ebonforged Battleaxe: A slightly shorter battle axe than most, making it faster to swing than most any other battleaxe in Tamriel.

Ebonforged Mace: A one-handed mace that smashes and slashes in a single blow.

Ebonforged Grand Mace: A large 2-handed version of the mace.

Ebonforged War Axe: A 1-handed axe modelled after the Battle Axe.

Ebonforged War Sword: A 1-handed longsword based off of teh Flamberge design.


Preferably, use NMM to download. Or, you can extract the files to your Skyrim installation directory.

OPTIONAL V2 INSTALL - Make sure you have this AFTER the 3in1 file in your load order. In order to make this file work you WILL need at least the Ebonforged Mace .nif and texture files.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A PREVIOUS VERSION: Uninstall all previous versions. You may need to delete the old .esp files from your "...Skyrim/Data/" Directory (I didn't, just putting it out there). If NMM asks you to overwrite the old files, just hit the "Yes to All" button.

Notes: The ebonforged tower shield will NOT be added to the download anytime soon as it is causing all sorts of crashing, bloating, and other nonsense... Assuming it's a bad model, but I've tried re-exporting, and even built an entirely new model and it still has issues... I'd like to move on to other projects after weeks of trying to troubleshoot this thing. If another modder wants to try adding to this or wants the shield texture and model files, send me a PM.