Ol Arrow Knee by Qaxe Qaixaci
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Ol' Arrow Knee moved to my Qaxe Questorium mod in May, 2016.
This stand-alone version is no longer supported and will not be available in SSE.

SMUGGLER'S HAVEN is a the starting point for voiced quests that will test your character's fighting prowess and your patience as you engage the fierce "Bastard Reavers" and other intensely powerful enemies in epic battles.

If starting a new game, you'll see Captain Mead when you exit the cave from Helgen. If you're continuing with an old game, you can take one of the small sail-boats from the docks at Solitude, Windhelm or Dawnstar to Smuggler's Haven, and Capt. Mead will be waiting on the deck of the Ol' Arrow Knee. "Armada" can be reached by boat from the Smuggler's Haven docks.

LEVEL: "EXTREME!" The battles in this mod will lead your character into serious peril. Save your game often, and prepare to die. The mod was designed for high-level players who have done everything and need a new challenge. You may need to adopt a different fighting tactic than usual in order to win.

OVERLOAD!? Too many Reavers in the battle for your PC to handle? Check the READ ME file for help.

BLUE ELF is a playable mixed-race that is meant to add a unique flavor to Smuggler's Haven. If you choose to play as a blue-elf, they make for stealthy archers, and racial powers include night-vision and frost cloak. Some npc in the mod can explain more about the blue-elf origin.

COMPATIBILITY: May conflict with mods that add ships to, or otherwise edit the docks in Solitude, Windhelm, or Dawnstar. Ships added by this mod are not visual filler; they are used as an alternative mode of travel, and are a connected with quests. Like anything, try this mod and try mod "x" and decide which you prefer. I too use "JK's Dawnstar" and our mods work great together.

REQUIREMENTS: Skyrim. No DLC required.

INSTALLATION: DL the mod. Open the zip file and place the DATA folder in your Skyrim folder. Click "Yes" to merge folders. If using my other mods, "teleport home" script is the same and is safe to overwrite. Can use NMM to install, but I cannot advise you on how to do it.

THANK YOU Old Book for voice, dialogue, and more; Anna Castiglioni of Anna NPC for her voice; Pandanami and Frosty for voices.;  Markus Liberty for permission to use Cyrodiil Ship and boat resource; and DarkFox127 for teleport scripts.

CRAVE MORE ADVENTURE? Qaxe Questorium includes Ol' Arrow Knee, and provides days of adventure and fun!

DISCLAIMER: This mod may not jibe with your ideals on lore, immersion, or normalcy.

PERMISSIONS: This mod was provided by the author as a free service, and is the creative property of the author. This mod is only available on NexusMods and the author does NOT give permission to re-upload this mod, translations of this mod, or edits/renditions of this mod, on this or any other website(s).