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Two rooms with a teleport bag in your inventory for use in testing Vanilla Armor Replacers. Each room is filled with NPC Mannequins that are wearing the applicable armor / clothes.

Permissions and credits
The primary mod page is located here. This page is to help with version control

This mod adds a MCM entry for Madd Haven.
You may click on any of the bag modules to be teleported there.
You may teleport between modules.
Click on the current module to return to your starting postion.
- Each NPC is named after their armor
- It also plays BEAUTIFUL Music while you browse

I'm working on a huge Armor Compilation. Being able to teleport to a place where I can see them all and make sure they look / installed correctly helps me test.
It also helps me pick the armors I would like to use in my default settings.

Caithe and their Bag Haven Mod.
Malukah (Judith de los Santos) for her music.

Version Control / History
I am likely to maintain several main files. Each main file will have a reason for existence.
Every time I had a new bag module, they all will have their primary (first) version number updated to reflect the new content.
If I am making fixes, again, all of them will have the secondary (second) version number updated.
(1.0) - Initial Release
(2.0) - MCM Intigration
(2.0) - Added Several Modules
(2.0) - Includes Alternate Textures