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Enchanted Equipment Fix

Thanks to savagemoonlight for pointing out that enchantment effects had schools attached to them. I have made a small plugin that removes the magic schools from all "ench*" magic effects records. This will not be compatable with any of plugin that modifies these records (not too many I hope). As savage pointed out, this fix is already in Simple Scaling Solution.

This script scales the player's magic values by modifying the PowerMod actor variables. See the INI for configuration details.

The current formula is based off of "TheLonelyGod"s "Spellpower Scaling With Skills" spreadsheet mod. Users can change which skills contribute to each school of magic and even change the weight of each skill so that they count more or less. Also available are 3 variables that players can tinker around with (see FAQ below for an explanation of these variables).

I've created a spreadsheet on GoogleDocs for people to play around with the numbers to make it easier to find a good balance that you like.

Enable or disable the mod with the 'F3' (default) key.
Clear current scaling values with the 'End' (default) key.
Customize scaling values by adjusting 3 primary values and/or by changing how other skills affect the scaling.

Q: Why are non magical skills being used to calculate the power mod?
A: They are there first, because the original formula I based this mod off of had them; and second, to provide users with the ability to customize the weighting themselves.

Q: Why does not have a weight for itself?
A: The formula is already taking the skill into consideration. In the future, I may remove the implicit 100% weighting from the formula and allow the player to customize it more.

Q: I installed this plugin and all my equipment is overpowered!
A: Unfortunatly this is an unintended, and currently unavoidable, side affect of using RestorationPowerMod. Version 1.2 includes a way to disable each school independantly, so you can disable Restoration if you wish.

Q: What do Power_Scale, Power_Factor, and Power_Curve do?
A: These numbers have the biggest effect on the formula. Power_Scale is a direct proportion of the entire formula, so if you set it to 50, the value spit out of the formula is multiplied by 0.50. Power_Factor is the exponential value of the weightings, where 100 is linear, 200 is quadratic (squared) and 50 is quadratic (square root). Power_Curve is a divisor of the sum of all weightings.

Q: How did you get 0.50 from a Power_Scale of 50???
A: All non true/false values are divided by 100 to get a float/percentage value for the formula.

Q: Do custom spells scale as well?
A: Theoretically they should as long as they are affected by a PowerMod actor value.

Q: Does this plugin work with other plugins that modify spells?
A: As long as the other plugin doesn't mess with the PowerMod actor values there should be no conflicts. Some players have mentioned that the destruction module from Balanced Magic tends to make spells very overpowered so ymmv.

Q: Does this mod affect the spells of your enemies and followers as well?
A: Currently it does not. Hopefully when the CK is released I will transfer all of this to a script that can be run on each actor.

Q: Bethesda just updated Skyrim and now your plugin doesn't work, why not?
A: AMS relies on anothoer utility called ScriptDragon which needs to be updated for each patch that Bethesda releases. Once you update that, the plugin should magically start working again.

- Added ability to enable/disable each magic school separately. Restoration is the school that affects equipment, however, I'm leaving it on by default.
- Tweaked the values of Power_Factor and Power_Curve as well as removing all other skill weightings by default.
- Changed the default key mapping of DisablePowerMods to the 'End' key. This key will also reread the ini for changes to weights or power_* values when re-enabled.

- Added logging (by NullCascade - Thanks!).
- Added new key mapping to remove any power modifications. This replaces the original behavior where disabling Ams would automatically remove modifications.
- Modifications are only calculated if skills are changed.
- Added GoogleDoc spreadsheet to allow players to play around with the formula numbers and show them the progression via a graph.

- original version.

Changing the values of Power_Curve or Power_Factor can produce extreme values from the formula, modify at your own risk.

Requires Script Dragon, found here:

1. Install Script Dragon from the above link.
2. Place AutoMagicScaling.asi and AutoMagicScaling.ini into your root Skyrim folder, alongside TESV.exe. (You can also put it in a folder called "Asi" in your root Skyrim folder.)

1. Load your game, press the key for ToggleAms (Default F3). You should see a message saying that AMS has been disabled.
2. Press the key for RemovePowerMods (Default End).
3. Save & Exit.
4. Delete AutoMagicScaling.asi and AutoMagicScaling.ini.

Thanks to NullCascade for the logging module
Thanks to Alexander Blade for Script Dragon
Thanks to TheLonelyGod for providing the inspiration and original formula
Thanks to DefiniteIntegral for creating the Auto Perks/Stats/Level mods that guided me in the making of this mod

Source is located here: