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I can't speak English well.

This is a changeable dress.
You can change a dress by spell.


Skyrim 1.9.32+ and SKSE 1.6.13+ is required.
(Option) SKYUI 3.4+ is required.


It supports the weight slider.

Here are armor, glove, & high-heels.
High-heels are 2 kind. Normal & HDT's real high-heel.

These are craftable & smithing at Daedric, DragonScale.

You can get a spell ([Nausicaa] Change Dress Color) when armor equppied.

(Option)It supports HDT's Highheel System.
HHS is real Highheel system.

Reference : Serenity Armor n Blade support HHS By Nausicaa

HDT's Highheel System : Current Version is alpha11 .

Download here :
HDT's HHS(Chinese) - original :

My Mirror(English translate) :

My Mirror2 (English translate) :!tFcWRJiQ!G_rengACdO7pTZ0aWAiiBXV24xdJaH6Sl-3NygBfJiI


It was created based on CBBEv3M.
It is compatible CBBE3. (If you are CBBE3 user, you will use it without CBBEv3M body.)