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A lore friendly expansion of Dawnstar which gives it an identity, turning it into a fully functioning city of industry, poverty, crime, and vice. where every day is a struggle for many of its inhabitants.

Permissions and credits
Authors note - 

Sorry for the long absence, but this mod is back in development. 

UPDATE- New version! New Exteriors! Interiors! NPCS! Dialogue (for those with Fus ro d'oh silent voice mod, normal dialogue version soon to come)!

What began as adding a few extra houses somehow became a fully blown city, a lore expansion, and a sort of obsession xD
This Mod transforms Dawnstar into a Real city with it's own problems, perks, agendas, characters and factions. I have currently completed exteriors, 90 percent of interiors, silent voiced npc's, lore friendly books, and am soon to add quests.


Fus ro D'oh Silent voice http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14884/? (this requires SKSE)

Installation: extract all files to:

Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data for steam users
Skyrim/Data directory for non steam users


34 new NPCs of all races, many with unique dialogue and a story to tell.
2 new lore friendly books - Look for wanderer's guide to dawnstar in the Bloated Float and East empire Journal in the EE office.
A newly invented bar fight mechanic, look for a dirty looking drink in the Hagraven's Roost
A true harbor with newly added boats, cranes, shipping warehouses, taverns and stalls.
A Temple devoted to Zenithar and an impoverished district surrounding it.
A Rich district where the town's few wealthy people live.
Nearly all of the interiors are finished for each of the districts.
1 free form quest without journal entries or markers, begins speaking to falheim and the shipwright. more of these quests on their way.
For those of you who played Oblivion, there is a nice addition from the imperial city here where a quest begins....

Soon to come...
A small pit fighting faction, at least 6 more extensive quests written and in the making, more NPCs, more dirt, more skooma, more alcohol, more dialogue

As well as a city, this mod is a story of desperate people living their lives in a town ruled by warring factions of gangs fighting over the riches Dawnstar has to offer. These are The Corsairs, The Smugglers, and an old and powerful family. for the moment, they tolerate each other out of necessity in a fragile truce.

I am aware that many are experiencing strange bugs, the three main offenders being the grass everywhere, ctd's and a freeze which occur's usually when approaching the temple. please report these whether they happen for you or not. I am desperately trying to figure out what is causing them, as none of them seem to be happening on my game. I am also looking to add more people to this project as i don't think i am going to be able to complete it or release a stable version by myself. so if you are interested please PM me on the site.

100 percent compatible with all vanilla and dlc content
Interesting NPCs
all DB sanctuary redux's

Incompatible with:
Alternate start, for obvious reasons.
probably most other dawnstar expansions
project parrallax seems to be incompatible at the moment, not sure why but working on it