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A lore friendly expansion of Dawnstar which gives it an identity, turning it into a fully functioning city of industry, poverty, crime, and vice. where every day is a struggle for many of its inhabitants..... and the player.

Permissions and credits
Authors note - 

UPDATE- 1.0 BETA is now up, Please help me by reporting any bugs or issues which i can fix. Testers would be greatly appreciated

What began as adding a few extra houses somehow became a fully blown city, a lore expansion, and a sort of obsession xD
This Mod transforms Dawnstar into a Real city with it's own problems, perks, agendas, characters and factions. 

34 new NPCs of all races, many with unique fully voiced dialogue, quests and a story to tell.
2 new lore friendly books - Look for wanderer's guide to dawnstar in the Bloated Float and East empire Journal in the EE office. For a night to remember worthy of sanguine himself, look for a dirty looking drink in the Hagraven's Roost
A true harbor with newly added boats, cranes, shipping warehouses, taverns and stalls.
A Temple devoted to Zenithar and an impoverished district surrounding it.
A Rich district where the town's few wealthy people live.
For those of you who played Oblivion, there is a nice addition from the imperial city here where a quest begins....

Look for:
A lazy guardsman,
A drunken bard,
A free drink
A snooty innkeeper,
A cheery horker butcher,
A tyrannical fishery Owner
A priest of Zenithar,
A ship builder,
A concerned sister

Quest lovers please note that i have deliberately chosen not to add quest markers for certain quest objectives for immersion purposes, and to increase the sense of player achievement and reward, use those great brains of yours! For those who are stuck, check your quest logs, often there will be a subtle hint!
As well as a city, this mod is a story of desperate people living their lives in a town ruled by warring factions of gangs fighting over the riches Dawnstar has to offer. These are The Reavers, The Smugglers, and an old and powerful family. for the moment, they tolerate each other out of necessity in a fragile truce.


Dawnguard and Dragonborn

INSTALLATION: extract all files to:

Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data for steam users
Skyrim/Data directory for non steam users

SSE VERSION: unfortunately, i do not use Skyrim special edition, so i cannot convert this file to SSE, however, anybody who does use SSE and would like to convert City of Dawnstar has my full permission to do so

WARNING: Do not start Dawnguard DLC storyline in Dawnstar using this mod, there will be a vampire attack which kills many of the quest giver NPCs and general NPCs around town.  you can start the quest in any other of the hold capitals 

100 percent compatible with all vanilla and dlc content
Interesting NPCs
all DB sanctuary redux's

Incompatible with Bring out your Dead

Unfortuntately, this mod is not follower friendly, but has been designed to be more enjoyed alone as a player, especially the quests. Leave your companion in the Windpeak inn while you explore. They probably would prefer to give this Dawnstar a wide berth...

Giovanni1214 for Navmeshing the mod, removing CTD bugs and bringing the mod to a standard i could not, Many Thanks
Bowmorelover for identifying and fixing many bugs and converting the voice files to fuz for a better file size!  Many Thanks 
Derek Fietcher for tavern music,
Gallows resource by Gandaganza

The heroic Indoknight 55 for his help porting to SSE! 

The Skyrim Voice actors Alliance team, with special thanks for Aelaar, Hydroshrimp, Hades, Caitlinvo and the CK wizards redrew and Agerweb.

And my Lovely and extremely talented voice acting cast: 
Tyrholf - NevernotNinja
Farilin , Henrik- MrTinker
Ashiika, Rayla Orthelos - Caitlinvo
Tami, Fresa - Arcanuum
Eduard Mariette - Roarbee
Asrik, Skorn - Hades 
Thengar Bitter-Tide - Reznick
Caul Bitter-Tide - Hydrosimp
Falheim - EZPZ
Dorik - Rufusjuice
Fitch - Vlocro
Malen - Kevfishin'
Ormil, Firaazi - Complete the circuit
Irlief - keybladewielder
Brindel - Dead Vo
Llervo, Irleif- Keybladewielder
Arvelyn, Auria- Emily Wylie
Velis - Jaywaddy
Gragon - Tesfiend
Arietta - Jojo Rawr
Helda - Beaniebaby 
Rafiq, Harad - Xero
Jethro - MrTush 
Saryn Tythelis- Remearus
Sings-In-The-Waves - Jameesh