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Removes the player\'s voice from all shouts.

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Made to go with SkyVoice, although it will work perfectly fine alone if you just don't want to hear your character's voice. The original point was to make it so that if the player is using voice commands for the shouts, it's weird and immersion breaking to have your character repeat you. Immersion means *being* your character, so when you say the words, things should happen without someone parroting you.

SkyVoice is certainly not a dead mod, the creators seem active in their mod's comments, but they are apparently busy or uninterested in creating the DLC versions of their optional file "Silent Shouts", so, to make my own game more consistent, I took the liberty (with their permission) to do it for them.

Their optional file is included on this page as well, it's the normal Skyrim version of the mod. All credit for that goes to them. I just made the DLC versions.

If anything doesn't work, let me know, but once I figured out how .fuz files worked this was pretty simple so I don't expect to have to update anything.