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Silences the sounds made by Frostbite Spiders when they walk around.

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This had always annoyed me, so I took action. I was tired of hearing the "squish, squish, squish" noise made by Frostbite Spiders when they walked around. I mean, most people find spiders to be disgusting, but do they have to sound disgusting too?

Zip file contains all of the foot sounds made by both the regular and giant versions of the spiders, all replaced by silenced WAV files.


Place the 'sound' folder in your 'data' directory like any other sound/texture/mesh mod.


Delete the folder 'spiderfrostbite' in Data\sound\fx\npc.

These are each just half-second or so blank audio files, so do whatever you want with them, just don't re-upload them and take credit for their creation. It took me all of five minutes to make them, and I don't want those to have been five minutes wasted with all of the glory going to someone else. :p

If you're wondering about the darker spiders that I have in my pic, I got the texture here:

Real Spiders by Ichibu - http://www.skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2856