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  1. Neovalen
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    Please read the entire description and sticky before posting for help. Images welcome.

    Like this mod? Try my other immersion mod Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux!

    Check out this page for a ton of mesh packs not included here provided by SlothAbility. He is also currently taking requests on his page!

    Want an epic modded experience? Try my mod guide: Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition. Support provided on the STEP forums.

    Version 1.7.3 Released!


    * Patcher Hotfix Merged Into Main File
    * Campfire Mesh Support Added

    If you get a BufferUnderflowException running the patcher, execute the More Heapspace 32bit batch file instead of directly running the JAR file.

    If you have patcher issues, it is highly recommended to clear your SkyProc cache by doing the following:
    1) Delete your current Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp
    2) Delete any SkyProc files found in SkyProc Patchers \ Dual Sheath Redux Patch except for the original Dual Sheath Redux Patch.jar and More Heapspace batch files.
    3) Delete any SkyProc files found in Documents \ My Games \ Skyrim \ SkyProc (if any).
    Note: You will have to re-select any optional settings in the patcher after clearing the cache.

    An extra thank you to the few people who donated. It is much appreciated.
  2. WilliamImm
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    If you want to know which mods are supported, check the description. Control+F (the find function in your browser) is your friend here.

    Don't come here complaining about how your swords or daggers are in the wrong place. This mod has nothing to do with altering the weapon positions: your skeleton mod has everything to do with it.

    Preemptive Warning: Any comments that complain about the supposed "complexity" of the mod without offering anything else constructive will be deleted. The mod cannot be made any less complex without crippling core features, so don't whine about it.

    Additionally, repeating support requests, especially in different reply threads, will result in your extra posts being removed from the thread, and your question unlikely to be answered. Doing this is a really quick way to loose my patience with you as a user.

    Neovalen and I are too busy to do mesh pack requests anymore, with exception of mods we plan to use, or mods that are super popular. If you want a pack for any weapon, shield, armor, or staff mod, you are best served having the author of the mod make the patch or making it yourself using the instructions at the bottom of the download page. If you do make a patch and want to upload it - make sure you secure permission with the author first (unless the mod is free for others to modify). We don't want users to get into trouble on the site.

    Everything you need to know to install the mod is right on the description page. Literally, the installation instructions, supported mods, answers to common problems, known issues - right there on the page. Any questions that are already answered by the description will either be ignored or will be met with responses that direct you to the description.

    The six comments that should really stop are:

    JaySuS Swords failing when patched (missing masters and all that jazz): You can't use the original version of JSwords with any SkyProc patcher, the patcher will barf on all the errors in the mod (caused by the mod being made using a early version of TESVSnip). Seriously, install Sharlikan's patched version of the mod after installing JaySuS Swords, as it actually does run though the patcher just fine. Or use it through Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade, which also goes through the patch just fine. The pack for the mod can be found in Slothability's A Lot of Dual Sheath Redux Patches.

    Permission errors/Patcher reporting "Access Denied" or issues involving a "tmp.esp": There's a troubleshooting FAQ linked in the description that literally provides a host of solutions to fix this problem. Seriously, read it if you ever get permission issues. The best way to fix it is not to install Steam/Skyrim in Program Files - use Steam Mover if you already installed Skyrim in the Program Files directory.

    Patcher not being executed or being opened as through it was a typical archive: Jarfix. Always.

    Thinking that SkyProc is a program - It's not a program, it's actually a framework that allows modders to make dynamic patchers for Skyrim. Really, you don't need to worry about that unless you want to create said dynamic patchers - just run the patcher DSR provides and it will work.

    Asking how to change weapon positions: Just select the proper options when installing or customizing your skeleton mod. This mod has nothing to do with weapon positions, so please stop putting support requests for those here.

    Bickering about the requirements: They ARE listed as requirements for a very good reason: they are required for the full functionality Here, let me break them down for you:

    • Skyrim: You can't mod Skyrim without having Skyrim.

    • SKSE: Also a requirement for many, many other popular mods (including SkyUI, Frostfall). It even has a good installer for those especially confused.

    • Java Runtime Environment: Required to run the patcher (as it is compiled using that language). It's just a regular piece of software, and odds are, you may have installed this already if you are using another piece of software that requires it.

    • XP32 Maximum Skeleton (or similar): Due to using special nodes to place the weapon/shield/staves, this mod requires you to install a custom skeleton, else you'll end up with your shield (or staves, or second weapons) floating anywhere but where they are supposed to be. Yes, DSpSoB came with a custom skeleton ready, but if you wanted to use it with other skeleton-replacing mods, you needed to install a separate custom skeleton anyway. XP32's was recommended due to the "one size fits all" nature of it, but you can any skeleton that supports DSR.

    • (BOSS used to be here, but it's no longer a requirement for this mod. It's successor, LOOT, however, is practically required for a stable modded game.)

    So, really, it's 2 pieces of software and a mod. It's not like it requires you to install 50 different mods in order to work.

    If you see anyone recommending Dual Sheath Plus Shields On Back (DSpSoB) instead of this mod, these people don't know what they are doing. This mod will just work as long as you read the description. Read the description all the way before you make comments, literally, nearly 90% of the comments here would have been answered instantly if they read the description beforehand.
  3. maarcoosmcr
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    I'm sorry, I'm using Mod Organiser 2 and I couldn't make it work.

    I was a fool because I tried to patch it without Java...

    But then I downloaded Java and managed to patch it...

    The Result ?

    I could go into a game without a message popping and a confirmation that my Dual Sheath Redux is working BUT whenever I used a custom shield (Specifically from the mod Immersive Armors) the shield would just disappear.

    Also when I equiped a left hand weapon, it would be seen floating under my character's feet.

    Pretty Good Job so far.
    1. EvilOssie
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      - Do you have this skeleton installed? If so, did you go into the skeleton's MCM and select the proper settings for those items?
      - Do you have FNIS installed? If so, did you run GenerateFNISforUsers?
  4. edgarroberto
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    Dual Shield Redux patch needed for this mod (Vikings Weaponry - Johnskyrim) and Bobs Armory Skyrim - Swords - Axes - Bows - Spear...
  5. EvBlack
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    Normal modes, but only displays on one. In Equipping Overhaul, favorites are displayed.

    I was banned from the site for criticism, so I'll leave help with the installation here.
    На сайте перевода меня забанили за критику техподдержки, так что оставлю помощ для русскоязычных здесь:

    Итак, если патчер выдаёт окошко с длинным текстом, а в ней есть слово Plugin.txt , то надо идти сюда:
    c:\Users\имя пользователя\AppData\Local\Skyrim Special Edition (или какой другой скайрим)<- сперва разрешите в настройках СИСТЕМЫ показ скрытых и системных папок.

    Потом вылазит ещё одно окошко и там есть слово Skyrim.ini:
    C:\Users\имя пользователя\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition (или какой другой скайрим)

    В этих папках находим соответсвующие файлы (т.е. Plugin.txt и Skyrim.ini)

    Потом у меня вылезло: This patcher requires the following mods, please add them to your load order : Dual Sheath Redux.esp
    Многие писали, что надо ПОДКЛЮЧИТЬ - брехня!!! Надо ОТКЛЮЧИТЬ в загрузочном листе и только потом патчить. Как только я это сделал у меня наконец появился в Дате дуалшеалтрредукс_патч.есп.

    Потом, конечно, подключить в загрузчике, отсортировать (LOOT, например) и всё прекрасно работает.
  6. RageMaster7
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    Will this ever just be ported over the SE instead of forcing us to convert files and watch tutorial on getting this to work on SE
    1. EvilOssie
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      At this point, if you want the mod in your SE build your best shot is to do the conversion yourself.
  7. reandarkness
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    After struggling because jar file not run as admin and finally it works. I ain't found any bug yet but i was so happy to make it works. Thank you so much
    • member
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    Is there actually a way to make this mod work for SSE?
    1. Sevonas
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      Sure is -
      Here's another guide from reddit -

      The video guide is nice because you don't have to mess with plugins.txt.

      When I ported the mod, I had a problem where the DSR Patcher couldn't recognize "Dual Sheath Redux.esm" in my load order. If you get that, here's a fix that I figured out:

      [Perform all steps in the video guide, if you have an error where the patcher says you don't have Dual Sheath Redux.esm in your load order, AND after attempting the previously linked reddit guide's steps 7-9, try this]
      1. Go into your MO2 profiles folder, and open loadorder.txt
      --> My profile location address looks like this: C:\Users\[My Username]\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\SkyrimSE\profiles\Default
      2. Copy all the text there except for any # messages
      3. Navigate to Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local and create a folder named "Skyrim" if it does not already exist for you
      4. In this folder, create a new text document and name it plugins.txt
      5. Copy all the text from loadorder.txt into plugins.txt and SAVE before closing
      6. Run the DSR patcher; this worked perfectly for me!

      NOTE: Every time you make a change to your load order/installed mods in MO2, you must update your created plugins.txt document with the new loadorder.txt document that MO2 produces. I have not seen what would happen otherwise but it would be best to avoid that situation altogether.

      This fix works because the DSR patcher defaults to find the location of plugins.txt in Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local\Skyrim and expects it to be there. When I tried to do steps 7-9 in the reddit guide, AppData\Local\Skyrim\plugins.txt did not exist for me to begin with, so I was stuck.

      Anyway, I hope this helps for anyone who had the same problem as I did. Good luck!

      EDIT: Sorry, I made this as a MO2 user without realizing there are other mod managers out there. I'm not familiar with the others, but this should work with the same basic concepts.
  9. Xtoverus
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    So I'm probably doing something wrong here, but the first person animation for drawing a onehanded sword is still vanilla. The sword is on my back, and third person animation works fine, but when I go first person and draw the sword it still pulls it from the hip sheath. It's not a huge deal, just kinda immersion breaking. Anyone got an idea of what i can do?
  10. adamska001
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    Love the idea. It works most of the time. I experience a lil bug and I hope someone could answer me, Im not trying to offend or anything D:

    I installed correctly DSR and patch, Run Fnis, using last XPME and follow the vid tutorial idiots proof, all done correctly.

    I love to play with Sword and Shield and the mod runs as expected but some times when my PC sheath weapons the sword remains in hand when the PC is out of draw stand, same for the shield, this is not very common, really, but it happens. The quick solution is to unequip and equip weapons again. Is it normal? If not, Any Idea how to fix it? Any help would be appreciated

  11. Myst42
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    Hey, I just ran the patcher and it said it didnt found java. I think the issue was triggered on the latest update, since I let the thing update to v 1.8.1 or something... I dont remember how or when I got the previous one that worked, but it once worked and then it didn't. It's because new version uses a different folder. I copied the higher version and renamed the folder as 1.8.0_144, and made it work.
    But just thought you should know it's looking for an older folder now.
  12. eurosonly
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    Been looking for a mod like this. Here's hoping it'll work.