Incendiary Arrows for player and followers by Six6Star
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Daedric based arrows with very high explosive power. Fun, but use with caution. This is my first uploaded Mod, made from scratch so feedback is appreciated. Find them in the general store (next to Arcadia's Cauldron,) behind the counter. In Breezehome, on the dining table, and on the counter in the Drunken Huntsman...and 1 on the floor...oops. ALL in Whiterun. As far as I know they RESPAWN now and then...if not PM me and let me know. I also made them CRAFTABLE AT THE FORGE under Daedric. See Read Me File for details.

-The blast radius Minimum safe distance is about 40 feet. Try them 1st to see. The ability to craft the necessary Daedric Arrows at the forge under Daedric has been built into the mod as well.
-Arrows are craftable in differrent size bundles
-There is a Follower Strength Version added as well...NOT guaranteed to NOT mess you up if your follower shoots YOU but the radius is small (6' +/-) and the blast force is 1/2 of the regular I.A.
-You should have the DAEDRIC smithing Perk.
- Give the follower strength arrows to followers. Watch the fun as an aggressive follower chances someone with these...oh and duck while doing so LOL.

USESs: I find the best use for them for the assault of courtyards and groups of hostile targets. Or just disposing of the ever annoying Heimskr in Whiterun :-p

ISSUES: I don't think Bethesda had the explosion from something like this in mind when they made Skyrim. The mod itself is good but the game doesn't like it when you place a large explosion right on top of your character. Explosions can force objects into/through static objects in the game and though you may not be dead, you will be stuck = reload.

These arrow are available for sale in my latest mod "Whiterun Archery Shop" but only at the Vendor IN that shop. He carries pretty much everything that has to do with Bows and Arrows. No crossbows yet though...they'll be along in the Dawnguard version.

If you like this MOD then please ENDORSE it :-) and feel free to try my other mods.
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