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Also on Steam Workshop under 'Enhanced Whiterun'.

The front gate of Whiterun has an alcove on top that you can\\\'t get to... Until now. That spot always seemed like a wasted opportunity to me, so I fixed it to my liking and hopefully your\\\'s too.

This is ver 1.0 of my Enhanced Whiterun mod.

This mod has two major changes:
A completely reworked front gate of Whiterun, inside and out.
A complete Skyforge. Complete with an armor workbench, smelter, and a few (literally) decorative bits.

I have NOT added any new weapons, chests, or major loot. So no worries about becoming uber powerful as a result of this mod. That said, it would be best not to use any new barrels or weapon racks as their locations may change in future versions. Which would likely nuke any precious weapons or items stored in them.They\\\'re really just for looks.

Ver 2.0 Enhancements:

Reworked front gate (both sides). Altered the navmeshing to match.
rails to the bridge in the courtyard.
Enhanced the drawbridge (both sides).

Note: As near as I can tell, all these changes should be compatable with the attack on Whiterun in the Stormcloak vs Imperials campaign story arch. If anyone runs into trouble with this mod during this sequence - i.e. NPCs stuck on walls and stuff that isn\\\'t in vanilla Skyrim; please let me know what you experienced.

Ver 3.0 Enhancements:

The Skyforge Terrace, complete with enchanting and alchemy tables.
The Skyforge Armory entrance. The Armory will be (in a future version) like a stairwell with weapon racks all around. There will also be a ground level entrance in the companions courtyard. and perhaps to the Underforge.
You will notice a door at the far end of the Skyforge terrace. Leads to the Dragons Reach Stairs, an alternate exit/entrance to Dragons Reach.

Ver 4.0 The Skyforge Armory is finished! It is comprised of 5 levels with an access door at ground level (the companions courtyard) as well as an access hatch in the basement level leading to the Underforge. The idea behind the Armory is that Eorlund needs some place to put all the weapons and armor he makes right? In case the city is attacked, both the castle guard and companions can quickly grab their gear.
Added the "Garb of the Iron Bender" to the Armory.


Unpack the following files to your

...\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data folder:


Then put the My_meshes folder into: ...\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\Meshes

(If you dont have this folder already, you should be able to just create it).

Finally, enable the plugin in the Data files tab on start up.