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Added: 27/03/2013 - 04:39PM
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Last updated at 18:50, 3 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 16:39, 27 Mar 2013

When I started modding in Skyrim I enjoyed seeing other NPCs wearing my custom armors. However, putting armors into the Skyrim level lists was a long and tedious process. Since this became a regular task for me I decided to make a patch which places a sub-list of all the appropriate armors into the appropriate level lists with the goal to save time for when I had to create new level lists.

How the Mod Works
The mod works simply by adding the armor of your choice into the custom named level list (sub-list) which is then entered into the appropriate level lists in the Skyrim game.

As an example, if I wanted to add a new armor into the game and I wanted it to appear every time an enemy would use Steel Armor (Bandits, Mercenaries, Blacksmith, etc.) then I would add that armor to the sub-level list entitled "aaSteelArmor". That item would then be randomly placed into the NPC inventory every time the game created a new enemy which required Steel Armor.

How to Operate the Mod
In order to make this mod function correctly you need to have a good understanding on how to operate multiple master files, level list editing, merge patches, and bashed patches. See the video for more detailed instructions.

A fair warning, this mod will not work if done incorrectly. It is important that when using this mod you have a decent understanding on how level lists, .esm vs. .esp works, and load order function.

When using this mod with your mod of choice it will take some time before the changes will occur in game as the level lists have to refresh with the new additions.

When updating between versions of this mod be aware that any changes that you have made will be overwritten. Only make an update if needed.

I will only be updating the Master Version of this mod. However, I will be able to provide any assistance with the ESP version of this mod as needed.

User Permissions
This mod is intended to be used as a Modders Resource so please feel free to edit and use as needed. All I ask is that if you do not re-upload this particular resource and only use for your own personal mods. If you intend to use this mod give me credit for assisting you, thanks.

I have used the ESP version of this mod for several weeks and so far no problems have arrived.

The Master Version is at version 1.0 and fully functioning.


Wrye Bash:


Change Log

(03-28-13) Changed name to Effortless Level List Creation

(04-03-13) Added Master Version of Effortless Level List Creation

(04-03-13) Added video walk-through on how to operate the Master Version of Effortless Level List Creation.

(10-23-13) After several months of testing, this mod is functioning with no issues. Officially entering mod as version 1.0

Hope this resource is of assistance.