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Tile set of Castle/Fort walls, a church, a small house (both with interiors) and some goodies.

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Strotis Castle Wall Resource for Skyrim

Version 1.2

by Stroti

Converted by Tamira


Modder's resource

Adds Castle/Fort walls, a church, a small house (both with interiors) and some goodies.

This is a conversion of Stroti's New Castle Wall Resource, originally published for Oblivion. You can find the original resource files here:

Due to animation problems the Gallow Addon and the rotating wall gate lever have not been converted.
As a bonus the meshes of Stroti's oven resource have been added: (

There is a demo esp included with a small worldspace for a quick overview. To get there type in the console:
cow aademo 0,0


Note: To make the panther fountain work in game, add it as an activator in the CK and choose a water type, for instance edit the horsetrough.

LOD: There are no Lod nifs for Lod generation. To make the meshes visible from a distance, check the "Is full LOD" box for each reference, as can be seen in the demo esp.


Changes in Version 1.2:
Updated the prisonDoorAnim01 with a better working collision

Changes in Version 1.1:

Added a missing texture to the 1024WallGate02.nif
Made the WallGate and the GuardHouse less shiny
Added a second oven combination

Tools used:

Creation Kit
NifUtils by Skyfox


This is a modder's resource.You may use the meshes and textures for your own mods as long as you give credit and you do not charge money for it.

You may use this resource in Skyrim Special Edition too. All files should work without problems.

Do not upload to other sites.


The Niftools team for giving us Nifskope.
Skyfox from the Niftools team for his great tool NifUtils
Bethesda for the TES games.