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The first time I saw the dark elf outfit in the Dragonborn DLC immediately made me think of a Kung Fu robe. I was disappointed that it was only clothing and pre-enchanted with a weak magicka regeneration enchantment.

After I stumbled across two awesome mods:

Martial Arts by evanoblivion
Bob's Armory Skyrim by Mr. Dave (where the bamboo hat came from)

I wanted to recolor the robes into something more fitting as well as make it into light armor. It is craftable in the smithy under "Misc."

To put it simply:
I took the dark elf outfit from Dragonborn DLC and recolored it as well as made it light armor and craftable.

I've only done it for male characters.

Getting permission from Mr. Dave from "Bob's Armory Skyrim" to add "Jingasa" to mod
Adding a unarmed enchantment to the outfit

My first mod =]. Picture and drawing by me
Dragonborn DLC is required.