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A lakeview Opened playerhouse shack, with openable windows, and an impressive daedric basement dedicated to the dark side of Skyrim, including a unique Molag Bal Interactive Temple.

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--------------------------------------------THE SNAKE PIT---------------------------------------

---------------------------------------A MOD BY MAD FRENCHIE------------------------------------

A lakeview Opened playerhouse shack, with openable windows, and a daedric basement dedicated
to the dark side of Skyrim, with a UNIQUE Molag Bal Interactive Temple, a jailhouse, activable traps and a torture room, like a summoning chamber to practice necromancy, and 2 new followers.


- Every Crafting and Smithing facilities .
- A Seaview Camping area and an outside cooking area
- A little Garden with all vegetables needed to cook and some alchemy ingredients
- A Fishing Deck with an underwater contraband player chest hidden near in the lake
- Some Beartraps to play with and catch Elks, deers and else all around the shack.
- A detailed new environment of 4 wilderness zones, with some mining ore spots,
- spawning animals,butterfiles and fishes
- A Main room including a bedroom corner, with chests and storages.
- A Hidden trap leading to the underground. ( no loading time, instant access )
- the shack can be closed and windows can be opened.


- A poisonous trap in the entrance, and all types of secret doors leading to the different rooms.
- An enchanting crypt dedicated to Nocturnal.
- An Armoury dedicated to the Dark Brotherhood.
- A secret Alchemy lab designed in a wet cave style.
- two thematic components farms.
- A kitchen and a cellar with all needed to cook.
- A beautifull Main room dedicated to the Dark Brotherhood including a little library,
a dressed dining corner, a nice bedroom corner and everything a Dovahkin needs...
- A secret wall in this room is leading deeper the 2ND PART...

- A cave corridor with mannequins is now leading deeper to a daedric place with :
- A little crypt
- A follower bedroom with everything he/she needs
- An impressive fallen Daecric temple, hiding a ghostly statue used as a library and war room.
- A new daedric player bedroom dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon hiding two secret cabinets :
--------- A Secret enchating little study with bookshelves and staff racks..
--------- A secret and unique animated temple dedicated to Molag Bal.
- A Jailhouse with 3 cells and traps to punish your prisoners
- A Torture room with a lot of storages.
- A summoning room, with dead draugrs to reanimate to practice necromancy.

-----------------------------------------NEW FOLLOWERS--------------------------------------------

- Cingor The Fisherman near your house is a male bosmer follower / merchant,
selling food & buying everything. he\'s also a terrible ranger.

- Volene, a new dunmer female follower / merchant, selling impressively rare stuff,
is the sneakest follower of the game :
she moves in total silence, never aggro before you do, and has lightfoot,
muffle and silence perks. She\'s aNecro / assassin, and she\'s deadly :
an ancient member of the Dark brotherhood, known as dead for everyone...


- The mod is a part of \"Falkreath Hold location\" and works with radiant quests.
- it includes a map marker working for followers and a horse spawn marker:
your horse if you\'re not riding it will always spawn in the stable behind your shack.


- Merci à la Confrérie-des-traducteurs, pour leurs traductions de mes mods en Français,
et tout particulièrement à ALIENS.

- Thanks to my friend, Foaman, for his fantastic job cleaning
& testing all my mods : he\'s my technical post-prod director.

- Thanks to Svaalbard a.k.a insane0hflex for the nice video he made
for this mod. watch for his channel :insane0hflex's youtube channel

- Thanks to Sir Brodual for the awesome videos he's making for the Skyrim Community - And featuring all my mods.
Watch for his youtube channel : Daily Skyrim Mod Spotlight



Thanks to all my suscribers.

NOTE : the package here includes two folders for meshes and textures :
this is just the facegen data of the 2 followers here, exported separatly for more facility
for those of you using body/faces/hair mods.