Naruto - Daruis Cleaver by kickednkilled
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Added: 24/03/2013 - 01:11AM
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Last updated at 2:40, 24 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 1:11, 24 Mar 2013

This mod adds Daruis Cleaver from the popular anime Naruto to Skyrim.

It's a one - handed weapon

*The cleaver can be found at the Skyforge in Whiterun (Imbedded in rock)
*The cleaver can be forged (Misc tab)
*The cleaver has a shock enchantment to represent Darui's Lightning Chakra
*Un-enchanted version available

This is my very first custom weapon mod. I'm new to 3d modeling and texturing.
I'm still learning the basics so bear with me. The models and textures won't look
superb but its the best I can do till I gain more experience.