Imperial Legion Reborn - Replacers for Imperial Armor by ViperMkII
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Added: 23/03/2013 - 03:30AM
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While I maintain that the only good Imperial is the one dangling from a Stormcloak's blade, that doesn't mean they can't look good while doing it!

This mod replaces all of the meshes and textures for the male and female Imperial armors. I replaced much of the fabric with chainmail and I tried to make these look like armors that would be mass produced for a professional army like the Imperial Legion. While they are not flashy or dripping with gold, they are way better than the low-res and broken crap that the game came with.

The .esp file that is included changes the in-game names of the armors and also ups the armor ratings, Imperial heavy armor is now comparable to steel plate. The textures and meshes will work without the .esp for anyone that is pushing their mod limit.

Imperial Armor is now called Imperial Plate Armor.
Imperial Light Armor is now Imperial Leather Armor.
Studded Imperial Armor is now Imperial Mail Armor.

I have also included an optional .esp for "Improved Stormcloak and Imperial Uniforms" by Lumps. This file utilizes the new armors for the Empire and puts the Stormcloaks in iron and banded iron armors and uses the Nordic steel armor for the officers. Many good armor textures have come out since the release of Warzones and its armor mod counterpart and I wanted to see more of them in-game. Personally, I use aMidianBorn iron armor, leather armor and my own steel armor mod for the Stormcloaks.


The Warzones option requires both "Warzones - Civil Unrest" and "Improved Stormcloak and Imperial Uniforms"; overwrite "Improved Stormcloak and Imperial Uniforms" with the new .esp and place it above "Imperial Legion Reborn" in your load order

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