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5 new Follower/Trainers have been added to the world in 3 Major Cities, 1 town & 1 abandoned mill.

The Followers are Micky the Swift, Dar'Shan the Nimble, Sonya the Sly, Janine the Brave and Venom Fang Goris each of these great warriors are willing to join your side for free and train you in their speciality for a modest fee.

Micky the Swift can be found sitting around in The Winking Skeever (Solitude)
Dar'Shan the Nimble can be found sitting in Dead Mans Drink (Falkreath)
Sonya the Sly can be found on the upper floor of The Bee and Barb (Riften)
Janine the Brave can be found in the Workers House in Mixwater Mill (between Whiterun & Windhelm)
Venom Fang Goris can be found at New Gnisis Corner Club in the Grey Quarter (Windhelm)

I'll be adding regular Followers and Trainers in the next few days scattered around all of Skyrim be sure to keep an eye out!

V1.2 Changes
Added 2 Mage Followers one Destruction(Fire) and the other is Destruction(Ice)
Added 2 new Trainers one Smithing and the other Destruction
Added a Sabre Cat follower (automatically follows but can be ordered to wait and be dismissed, upon dismissal he will return to Mixwater Mill

V1.1 Changes
Added Followers Retreat can be found east side of Whiterun, an ancient nordic settlement jutting out of the cliff you can't miss it.
Added 4 new trainers and followers.
Added vendor to Followers Retreat.

There is a room with quite a bit of treasure in the deepest recesses of Followers Retreat.... Can you find it??

This mod is not compatible with mods that alter the appearance of Cities such as Real Cities Whiterun and Real Cities Solitude etc.

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