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Are you an RPer in need of clothing?

Skyrim a little too cold for your tastes?

EveryClothes is a small batch file that allows you to obtain every piece of clothing in the game by use of minimal console commands.

It does not include any armor or weapons.

There are a total of six categories for clothing,

NOTE: There are items contained in this file that are not obtainable in-game. For example, Children's Clothes and the Executioners outfit are not available. I am not sure why, but my best guess is because the items are marked as "un-playable".

Choose the file you want to install, for example, lets say you want Shoes,

Copy the file named, "EveryShoe" to your Skyrim/Data folder

In-game, open the console and type "bat everyshoe" (no quotes)


-Save before using. (Better safe then sorry!)

-Make sure you are standing near some sort of storage as you may become
over encumbered after using this.


P.s. I like comments and/or suggestions :D

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