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I love League of Legends, and I LOVE Leona. Favorite tank Champion, and a very classy lady. But for the longest time, I wanted to properly play as her in Skyrim, but couldn't do it due to lacking her outfit and weapon. Well, no longer!

This mod adds in the armor of Leona, the Radiant Dawn, from League of Legends, and lets you craft it along with her sword, as well as a two-handed model if you so desire. The items are standalone and don't replace anything.

To make them, go to a forge and craft them (they're under the Steel category). You're gonna need a lot of gold ingots, though. You can also enchant the gear however you wish, and the items are upgradeable as well.

If, however, you want to cheat for them, use the console and type in "help solari" (without the quotes) and enter the codes you find there.

The armors are as light as Steel, but have the strength of Dragonbone armors, and the swords are as strong as Daedric, so they're pretty strong. I think the cost of forging them, however, should balance it out.

The outfit should work for all body types. I'm using a modified CBBE body and there is no clipping. There's no weight slider, though. The skirt takes up biped slot 58, so I don't know if that'll cause any incompatibilities. If it does, well, I don't know how to edit that, so someone else will need to provide a fix. =/

Mods I used in the screenshots
Aerith - Final Fantasy 7 Clothes and Hairstyle:
The Ashen Race (CBBE):
Race Menu (for the hair color):
Alternate Start - Live Another Life:

None! Just a legit copy of Skyrim that's up to date.

Just use NMM. Presto!
Same thing if you want to uninstall.

HUGE thanks goes to messiasmummo for the texture work, and for getting the one-handed sword's mesh to function properly. I couldn't have done this without you.
Thanks goes to Shadowtroop for creating the meshes for the armor, skirt, boots, gauntlets, and swords. Your meshes are what got this project started.
Big thank you to Vioxsis for making the meshes for the shield and crown.
Oh, and a final credit goes to the Riot Games team for making Leona in the first place. An extra special thanks goes to Ironstylus (a.k.a. Michael Maurino), who designed Leona. You guys rock!

I do not own Leona, League of Legends, or any associated material. This mod is not for profit, and is strictly for entertainment purposes.

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