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From birth the a Shadowcaster his giving a power to become more as part of growing up they must choose between the sign of the wolf or the sign of Darkness If wolf they giving a new powerful form but choose Darkness they must a age of 35 Must Find a way to enter the Oblivion Plane to stand before the Dark Lord Hellforge which he will set three tasks

The Tasks Are

1. Bring a Soul gem fill with the soul of a Person who die by fire

2. Forge a Dark Weapon with this soul

3. Offer the weapon to Lord Hellforge within one year of making it

If the Dark Lord like the Dark Weapon he will grand the powers of the Darkness in which as the power to Never age one day more.

All who choose the wolf can change in to the Werewolf people who choose this given high starting health and magicka regen is a lot faster along with the gift of the wolf

Become the Shadowcaster live in the shadow of your prey hunt,kill and Keep in mind Shadowcasters live by a code

1. Listen to the shadows
2. Do not kill other ShadowsCasters
3. Live in the Shadows of other

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like the dark Brotherhood Dawnstar retrofit the ears are a other mod