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This adds an illustrated book of console commands based on Console Command Guide for Facial Expressions by flyingpikachu . If you are unfamiliar with the file I refer to, It has since been removed. She covered a lot on the subject of these console commands.
I found it such a valuable resource I made a book so I could more easily utilize it. I've found it so useful that I give it to you. Craft the book at any tanning rack with two leather strips or search ~help guide~. It takes a few seconds to open the book due to the illustrated examples of each command. The update file splits up the books, which reduces time lag.
These commands can be mixed and measured to get great emotion out of the soulless representations of inhabitants that are rendered for our amusement.
All commands can be reset in whole and returned to game context by typing ~mfg reset~


If you are using Skyrim 1.9 you will only benefit from the expression list.
Meaning that you can only utilize full face expressions. Pre-1.9 users can also tweak mouth, eye, and eyebrow expressions individually.
Or use Mfg Console by kapaer to restore functionality.
update to 1.1

This update gives you mini guides. They open quicker and Skyrim 1.9 users have a book labeled that they can use the commands. Pre 1.9 users can gain benefit from all books. You need the main file for picture resources. This is just a new .esp. Say no to update, yes to overwrite.

I use NMM like it's my name. That thing is great. If you prefer manual, everything is in U X-press folders and the .esp is Facial X-pression Guide.esp. Add/delete. Done. Easy.

useful info
I use the book by opening the console with ~
Click a character.
Close the console.
Open the book to the expression I want to use.
Open console with book open.
Type command.
Close console.
Close book.
After that I can adjust values easy because the commands I want are an arrow push away.

Did you know you can use your own screen shots in the book?
It's easy. All you have to do is use the full book as reference and take a screen for every picture in the book.
Once you have done that, export to the u x-press folder from a program like Gimp as a .png.
The pictures in the books are just named numerically 1 - 48.png

1.9 users can name the .png files 19 - 34.png for use with just the expression book.



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